Friday, May 22, 2009


Yesterday I was like a wisp of dandelion gone to seed. I was scattered in every direction. I was so concerned about what everyone else had and what everyone else was doing. I was stressed, worried and unhealthy.

I cried about my problems to a friend who told me “Instead of looking for something new, stay right where you are and go deeper.” His words were like sunshine coming from behind the clouds.

I don’t need the spiritual gifts that others have. The gifts that I have been given are enough for me. I am right where God wants me to be. Instead of looking out to my surroundings, I will look within, to my own heart and soul. That’s where God is.

I will send my roots deep into the gifts I have already been given: my family, my friendships, my home, daily Mass, spiritual reading and writing, and nutrition ministry to my WIC clients.

When I sink deep down into who I already am, I will find that the soil is rich and nourishing, full of promise and hope for a life in the constant presence of God. I will blossom into God’s beautiful, fragrant flower, rooted deep and strong in His love.

It won’t always be easy. The winds will buffet against me, the hot sun will bake into me, there will be many pests who will try to damage and destroy me. But deep inside, I will know who I am and who it is that God intends me to be, and I will draw strength from that knowledge. That strength will enable me to stand firm against many trials and temptations.

Through this deep dwelling inside of God, the God who is alive in my heart, I will know peace, joy and contentment right where I am, living the life that God has called me to live. I will be a sign for others of the beauty that is possible when we stay where we are planted and look deeper into the will of God that is already alive within our hearts.


  1. Anne...this was very moving. I am the same way right now...scattered in so many directions...wishing things could be different...feeling resentful. God will need to work hard to draw me a little deeper since sometimes, like a little child, I pout and say "Leave me alone!" Let us pray for one another.

  2. "Like a little child." I can so relate! Sometimes I think that I am more like a seven year old than my daughter is! I am with you in prayer!