Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grey Decisions

A prayer for those times when we need help in making a choice...

My Dearest Father,

Every now and again, life hands me a choice. For most people, that choice would be no big deal-they would simply choose one and then live with it. But for me, the choices I have to make can become agonizingly difficult. I can see so much potential for good or for bad in either choice I make.

I need guidance God! Send your Holy Spirit and all of your strongest Saints to me to help me decide. Ultimately, whichever way I go, I want it to be Your way, the way that will lead me to Your heart.

Help me down from the fence, Lord. Assure me that whichever choice I make, I will be able to live with it and never look back. Give me courage and strength of moral character so that I will trust in you and never waver again.


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