Sunday, June 14, 2009

Praise and Gratitude!

I am most thankful for...

1. The blogging world, a chance to share my heart and to learn so much about my faith through others.

2. The Holy Eucharist on this feast of The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ.

3. Adoration and all of the dedicated people who work to keep so many beautiful chapels open for the praise and glory of God.

4. My son, Justin, who stepped up to the plate without being asked, and offered to serve at Mass today when he noticed that we were short a server.

5. My fabulous husband Paul, who fixed our broken dryer so I can continue on with the never-ending laundry duties!

Thank you God, for your many, many gifts and blessings given to this undeserving servant.

1 comment:

  1. I second that final sentiment... thank you God, for all you give to this undeserving servant.

    And three cheers for your hubby! Nothing better than being married to a real Mr. Fix-It!