Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pride and Joy

I just took my son John to the Seminary of St. Francis de Sales in Milwaukee for a summer camp program for teenagers interested in the priesthood. This is the 2nd year that he has attended. He absolutely loved it last year and couldn't wait to go back! The highlights of the camp for my son were Liturgy of the Hours, daily Mass, praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet while walking to the park, giving service hours by cleaning the Seminary cemetery, and hearing the call stories of some of the current seminarians. Last year six high school students attended the program. This year there are 15 boys camping at the Seminary! Praise the Lord! I hear the numbers are up for the junior high program as well!

Kudos to the staff at St. Francis Seminary for offering such a fine program to promote interest in vocations to the Priesthood! I am so proud of my son and all of those fine young men who are participating in this event! I am thankful to them for being open to whatever God may will for their lives!


  1. Wow. I am so impressed that there are programs like this! I remember our priest talking about the vocation of priesthood to the parish boys and telling them that "they don't capture you and put you in a prison cell"--to let them know that it is a beautiful process, and one they are free to decide is not for them! I think there is a strange idea people have that if you even express an interest in the priesthood, you are going to be "stuck for life" even if you don't want to take the vows.

    I wish we had a similar program here.

  2. My youngest (11) feels called to the priesthood so I am hoping to get him into a similar program in his middle school years - and, eventually a discernment retreat later. Just to get him in that to go thinking/praying beyond just thinking he's feeling called. You know?

  3. It is extremely humbling and honoring at the same time, to see my son grow in his faith, and the thought that someday he may be a priest completely floors me! Good for you Sarah, for encouraging your son's possible vocation! What could glorify God more than a reverent boy setting his heart on heaven by serving God's people!

  4. Ok, we might have to move to Milwaukee!! We live in a pretty liberal diocese, in fact, all the "conservative" Catholic young men are told to go to the Fargo diocese by our bishop, nice huh? He needs lots of prayers!

    *I live in MN