Friday, July 24, 2009

Early Morning Stillness

clock ticks
refrigerator hums
pen scratching along the paper
flickering candle brings warmth and light
strong coffee smells delight my nostrils
alone in
peaceful solitude
my heart calls out a prayer of gratitude
for this gift of stillness
from the Master of Silence
my heavenly Father


  1. Aahhhh...I can almost feel it! I love the early morning stillness...just wish I could get up early enough to enjoy it. I am always tired anyway so what's the difference if I lose another 20 mins. or so?

    BTW...I have a sleeping rosary too. It's a wood one and it's always wrapped around my hand. I panic if I can't find it in the bed. OCD people are too much : )

  2. Theresa, it makes me so happy to know that I am not the only one with a sleeping rosary! I too, panic without it! My rosary was a gift from a very dear friend who went to Fatima and brought it back for me. It is also wood, very simple and soft, but the Corpus stands out just enough to remind me of the pain that Jesus suffered for me. When I wake in the middle of the night, it is so comforting to lull myself back to sleep with the rosary prayers. I am so grateful to know that we are kindred spirits!

  3. Hugs to Anne and Theresa!

  4. Yay for early morning writing! I love it and yet do it so rarely ... not really a morning person. But there's something magical about being up before everyone else is.

  5. I love this. Thanks for sharing it. I often fall asleep with the rosary too. What a nice way to go to sleep! God bless.

  6. Wonderful.
    The contemplative life with God is a light that never dies away.
    Again, thank you for all your comments. Yes, the journey is long, but all of us, in faith, can inspire each other!

  7. I appreciate the early morning quiet, too. I don't always get it, either I wake up too late or my kids wake up too early. But when I get it, it's always a treasured time within my day.