Friday, July 24, 2009


Yesterday morning I woke up feeling on top of the world! I had a few quiet moments to offer a prayer to God before I even got out of bed. With a kiss of the crucifix on the end of my favorite sleeping rosary (like a security blanket, I can’t sleep without my favorite rosary in my hand), I joyfully arose to begin my day. I was able to spend a few precious, quiet, and tender moments with my husband before he left for work. Then my oldest son and I headed out for the daily 7:00 Mass. What joy awaited me at church when one of my favorite visiting priests who is also my dear friend was there to celebrate the Mass. He gave a beautiful, thought provoking homily as always. His words and his ways are filled with love and joy and I was able to embrace him in a big hug after Mass, just before I walked out into the bright, warm sunshine to start my day.

While driving to work, the whole world seemed to be smiling and joyful. Everywhere I looked, I saw drivers courteously waiting and waving to pedestrians and bicyclists. I arrived at the WIC clinic, and all of my coworkers greeted me with friendly hellos.

After work, I was delighted to watch my son Jack make his first base-hit of the season (he had struck out at all of his previous games) at his last baseball game of the summer. One of the greatest summer joys I know is sitting in the sunshine, watching my children and their friends in healthy athletic competition.

When I looked at the mail, my favorite local paper, The Catholic Herald had arrived, and an editorial I wrote was published. It brought me great joy to see my words in print in this publication which I highly respect and long to write for.

A stop at the Salzmann Library at the Seminary topped off this lovely day with delicious new reads waiting for me and a little conversation with my favorite librarian, Kathy.

It is to God that I give praise and thanksgiving for this wonderful day. He is with me every step of the way, always leading me from darkness to joy, and more than that, to an appreciation for the little things in life that have come to mean so much to me. When I receive my precious Lord in Holy Communion each day, I can feel a change come over me, an indescribable peace. No matter what trials I may face, that peace remains in my heart and soul. So above all of the things for which I am grateful, I am most grateful to God for His constant presence within me and for the opportunity to unite with Him at daily Mass and in the reception of His Most Holy Body and Blood in Eucharist.


  1. Many thanks again, Anne, for your generous words- And for this posting!

    Since you asked, you might enjoy stringing together "themes" of essays.
    Searching my blog for the "Cloud of Unknowing" brings these together:

    These are from two monasteries (in Maine and Vermont)

    Again, thanks- and keep in touch. God bless!

  2. Anne,
    Thanks for sharing this grace-filled day with us through this beautiful post. I have one of those "security blankets" too. It's gotten me through many a sleepless night.
    God Bless.

  3. Anne -

    This is a lovely reflection - and you are a very good writer. Your blog is awesme , so very prayerful. I must become more prayerful..

    I am jealous of your commute. I have been driving over the George Washington Bridge into New York, every day for 23 years! I have to say, it is rare to see anyone smiling and being courteous - I try to pray the rosary over the span - this keeps me calm, somewhat...

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Sounds like you and your son came away from the Mass on the same page: THE PAGE OF INNER PEACE!
    My eldest daughter crocheted a blanket for her sister's Confirmation last is a rosary blanket with which to sleep...a beautiful afghan with large, brown, wooden beads worked in along the outer edge for a rosary...the Crucifix looks beautiful delicately dangling...instead of the Glory Be beads...she left a big space at the end of the decade so that her sister could pray in the dark and would know when she finished a decade!
    I absolutely LOVE your custom of beginning each day kissing the beautiful!

  5. Hi Anne - It's my first visit here, and I just wanted to say, what a beautiful blog you have here. I love that you celebrate your faith so deeply, with every breat that you take, in every day that you awaken to (with your scurity roasary in hand...I love that too.)
    I'm sure that I will be back very soon.

  6. What a wonderful day! The Lord is so good!! Have a blessed weekend!