Friday, August 14, 2009

Did You Get Some Last Night?

One of my coworkers always questions my smile as I walk in the door each morning to begin my workday. “Why so happy?” She queries with a smirk on her face. “Did you get some last night?”

It doesn’t matter how often she talks to me like this, I always clam up as I feel my face burn with embarrassment at the crude question about my personal relationship with my husband. The truth is, my daily smile has nothing to do with my husband, although he is quite wonderful, but it has everything to do with the first love of my life, Jesus.

If I could only overcome my embarrassment, I would tell her “Yes, I did get some last night, and this morning, and every morning. And I want more. I want some every minute of every day, forever.” The thing that I got and that I crave more of, is not a human encounter, but rather a prayerful, spiritual encounter.

When I spend time with Jesus, my heart races and pounds, my tongue turns dry and my palms begin to sweat. When I receive His precious body in Holy Eucharist, it is an ecstatic experience like none I’ve ever known. I feel His Spirit move around me and within me and I am completely overcome. No earthly lover could bring about those physical and spiritual changes in me. It’s those quiet moments on my knees, with my face buried in my hands, when I feel His presence inside of me that draws that smile out of my soul and places it on my face.

There is no sensation like feeling His deep love for me, regardless of whether I am feeling smart or dim, thin or heavy, saintly or sinful. He loves me. He loves me right here, right now, and always. If that knowledge doesn’t make me smile, then nothing will.

So, did I get some last night? You bet I did! I got some beautiful, precious, holy, sweet love from my Savior. Did you?


  1. Yep! I feel the same way. Although I have yet to experience Holy Communion this way, I do get that heady feeling from time to time as I pray.
    I finished reading Hebrews last night. I think I may have understod it thanks be to God. I will pray on it some more. I liked that it was very straight forward. There were a few passages that had me spinning.

  2. At first I giggled....but when I read the rest I was simply awestruck at His love for each of us. How blessed we are. The Author of Life stoops down to cover His children with kisses.

  3. Anne so many people have experienced this same situation! I wonder why some feel that it's acceptable to make something so private and personal their business. Next time, I'll think of this blog entry, smile bigger and maybe give them a wink! Knowing and recalling what I read. It was beautifully,perfectly expressed with your words! I hope you can share this with her sometime or at least share what you'd really like to say. It would probably stop her dead in her tracks from ever repeating it. Now where you are, in your walk, is where I want to be and I am watching and waiting for that beautiful time! Thank you Anne. What a great blog!

  4. Anne,
    What a great response that would be and what a great post. When people tell me I need to "find a man" (because, you know, after divorce that's what one does) I tell them I already found the best there is and that He walked on water and I leave it at that.
    Your co-workers question just goes to show how people think that sex is meant just for pleasure instead of the God-given, life giving gift it is.
    Thanks as always for sharing.
    God Bless!

  5. The audacity of some never ceases to dumbfound me.
    I'm sorry you are subjected to that at work.
    Perhaps instantly inquiring, "Some what?" would quiet the commenter. ::SMILE::
    Thank you for your post...and may we all wear the smile of one who is so lost in the Lord that people must seek Him to find us!

  6. As Christopher West says in his "Theology of the Body" talks, people are eating from the dumpster when they could have a banquet. Living in a Sacramental marriage gives us a connection to God similar to the other Sacraments. Like Karinann said the marital embrace is a "God-given, life giving gift" that draws us into the very life and love of the Holy Trinity. Your poor co-worker like the rest of our society has reduced sex to a dirty sport when it's intended to be a heavenly dance.

  7. I love this post brought a smile to my face this morning. What a wonderful reflection...thanks for the food for thought.

  8. The way she puts it, it almost makes your relationship dirty with your husband or something! I just can't believe people talk like that!! I'm stuck in my bubble of friends and when I hear of people like that, it just shocks me!

    You will have to think of something fast to respond with, like "No, this morning, I just came from Mass" or "Yes, I just finished praying my Rosary!" Just something quick to make her think and I'll bet she will quit asking!!

  9. Anne!!!!! It is so interesting reading this! My children and I go to daily Mass and we feel exactly the same thing!

    Just last night we spent an hour in adoration with 3 other homeschooling families, and then we grabbed some goodies and drinks and spent some quality time. We do this once a month. Our group has grown actually. Last night the chapel was full, full of God's little ones - almost 20!


  10. My face would probably turn red, too, Anne. How tacky.

    Cherish your sweet intimacy with Jesus. It is wonderful, and sounds most fulfilling. I'd say God bless you, but clearly your cup already overflows!