Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hot Peppers!

Some people have a sweet tooth, but I have a hot tooth (and, I admit,a sweet tooth as well!) I love hot and spicy food, the hotter the better, and I want to believe the theory that it's good for the metabolism, burning lots of calories. So to cater to my cravings for hot and spicy, I grow lots of hot peppers in my garden, and this time of year you will often find me busy in the kitchen cutting up the peppers, tomatoes and other vegies for a spicy salsa. My husband, the cautious chef, always shakes his head as he walks past, "Should be wearing gloves," he reminds me.

But I don't worry about that precautionary measure. I have thick skin and those hot peppers don't burn my fingers at all. It's not until an hour or so later that I realize why he reminds me about the gloves, as I inevitably rub my eyes and the sting of tears from the heat that remained on my fingers begins to burn my eyes. My skin may be thick, but my eyeballs are not!

Dearest Sacred Heart of Jesus, inflamed with burning love for me and all of your children, carry the sacrifice of my hot tears to my heart so that it will also burn, just like yours, with love for all the world. Amen.


  1. Good morning,Anne! Well, morning for me. My husband is from Texas and loves spicy foods, too! I love the picture and the prayer. I have never seen this particular picture of The Sacred Heart before.

  2. Gotta part ways with you here, darlin'. My wimpy little mouth and stomach can't handle even the tiniest flake of pepper or anything spicy. I'm a wuss of the highest order! Sigh... that's okay. I still have my chocolate.

  3. I KNEW we were kindred spirits!!!!! I grow tons of jalapeno peppers! My FAVORITE snack is a hunk of good cheese, a few good hot peppers and some Italian Bread!!!!! I eat about 4-6 peppers a DAY in the summer time!!!! We recently discovered the most SIMPLE yet tasty lunch. Boil ramen noodles...but don't season...drain them, put back in pot, THEN season. Meantime...cut up a medley of different squashes...blanch them...stick under the broiler for a moment or two and sprinkle with seasoning salt...add to the stove pot and fold in cut up jalapeno peppers...sprinkle with freshly grated parmesan cheese!!!!! It's DELICIOUS!
    Now then...I also pray for the burning in my heart that you so beautifully expressed in your post!

  4. My husband would happily join you in a heat-fest, especially with the spicy food we eat here in San Diego. But I'm a sweet-tooth in the worst way myself. :)

  5. I used to brag that I never met a dish that was too spicy for me. I grew up eating lots of Mexican food, after all!! Peppers? Bring 'em on! the more the merrier!

    And then, in 1998, I ate a vegetable vindaloo at an Indian restaurant in New York.

    All I can say is, pride goes before a fall.

    P.s. Anne, I love how you turn this into a prayer!

  6. Anne, you are so funny! I love this post! My husband loves peppers. If he could put it on ice cream, he would do just that. Actually I saw on Food Network that an ice cream parlor does make ice cream with peppers. How fascinating!

    Thank you!