Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Praise and Gratitude!

It might be midweek, but why wait until Sunday to give thanks to God? I have so much to be grateful for and I just have to share my joy! So I join with the most awesome Judy at A Thankful Woman's Book of Blessings...

This summer has been nothing but work, work, work for me. I'm tired. I miss spending time with my kids. We used to spend our summer days traipsing about town looking for interesting locations and fun parks. Today, I have the day off and can spend it with my youngest four doing whatever we like. We're going to the Science and Surplus Store, the beach to look for sea glass, our favorite ice cream shop- Bella's Fat Cat, the seminary library, and best of all, at sweet Mary's suggestion, to adoration. I love my children!

I am grateful for my beautiful niece, Jenny. (Did you see that Jenny? I mentioned you by name!) We enjoyed a lovely evening over a Spotted Cow Beer last night and our entire conversation revolved around our dear, sweet Jesus. Jenny is passionately in love with Him and her enthusiasm is contagious!

I praise God for my dear friend at La Vie Graphite who introduced me to Taize' Chant. I LOVE IT! hmmm...maybe it's time to add a playlist to this blog...

I am also grateful for this great picture that my dear friend Danette sent me. Makes me want to have a conversation with Mary as well!

Finally, as always, I am so very grateful for this wonderful blogging community! You are all so very precious to me! I pray that your day is as wonderful as the day I am anticipating!


  1. May your day be tremendously blessed making forever memories with your children! Enjoy!!! ♥x♥x Heidi

  2. Anne,
    Beautiful list of blessings. Glad to hear you have the day off. The picture is adorable. I just read your poems in the post below this one; left me speechless and tearful(good tears :) )
    Oh- the Taize Chant definitely good stuff. I had heard it-don't remember where or when and have forgotten about it until you mentioned it. Go ahead and add that playlist!

  3. Awesome and I love the pic! I would be interested in hearing that chant as well. I never heard of it. Hope you have a blessed fun day with the kids...sounds like so much fun!

  4. I'm so glad that you are having a day to recharge and get God's loving peace to flow through you!

    I've seen that picture before, and it brings me to tears! Children are so wise, aren't they?

    I also wanted to pass on an award to you--you have really inspired me with your blog, your insight and your gentleness that comes through in in your writing. Just check my blog for the link:

    have a wonderful day!!!!!


  5. Annie,

    What better converstation to have than all about our Sweet Beautifull Jesus!!

    Your neice


  6. I just took a picture of my almost 5 year old singing to Mary outside yesterday...I was going to post it soon, it's beautiful!!

    beautiful list!

  7. I am glad you have this wonderful day to spend with your children. I hope you have a great time. It sounded fun to me!

  8. WHAT a WONDERFUL way to spend your time off!!!
    Thanks for joining in the meme Anne!
    Please tell me what "Spotted Cow Beer" is...boy am I curious!!!!!!
    And I can't wait to hear the chant music!
    That little girl talking to Our Lady is just "cheek-pinching" adorable!!!!!!!!
    Hope you found some nice glass selections!

  9. Dearest Anne --

    Please, what is Taize Chant? I adore chant but didn't see anything at the blog you directed us to.

    Thanking God with you as He has been at work, showing me His Love in tangible ways this week.

    Blessings, my kindred spirit --

    Susanne :)

  10. Love your list. Love the picture too!

  11. Isn't that little girl precious? That picture has gone viral in the Catholic online community ... and rightfully so!