Sunday, August 16, 2009


Joining with Jennifer at My Chocolate Heart with a list of weekly praises. I am thankful for...

1. A fun day at the State Fair with my family and discovering a new favorite treat, deep fried green beans!

2. That it really isn't possible to die from embarrassment. Yesterday, I lectored at the Mass for the Assumption of Mary and the other lector didn't show up. I forgot to put the lectionary on the ambo before Mass in my frazzled state at having to be the sole lector, and I didn't realize my mistake until it was time for me to begin the beautiful first reading from Revelation. I had to go to the sacristy at the last minute to get it. My husband and children informed me after Mass that they had never seen me with such a red face. You can bet I will never make that mistake again, and I am so grateful that it didn't kill me!

3. A sweet, young girl at my parish is discerning a call to religious life and has asked me for spiritual advice. Not only was that a great honor for me, but I also realize it's a tremendous responsibility. You never realize that there are people who watch everything you do and look to you for guidance.

4. For my friend Fr. Don who generously shares time from his very busy schedule to give me a few minutes of badly needed guidance and support. It means so much when someone listens to you with a caring heart.

5. For all of the kind and encouraging words of support from this blogging community. I am amazed at the tremendous blessing that this outlet has brought into my life and pray that God will allow me to give the same encouragement to others.

6. For the great priests and seminarians who hosted a fun night for high school boys this past Friday that began with adoration and confession, and ended with pizza, basketball and trampoline fun. It was a great way to keep boys engaged in the church and have a fun time together.

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  1. A heart full of thanksgiving - that's yours, Anne!