Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some great new blogs!

Sweet Esther at has kindly bestowed this Queen for a Day award upon me today. I am so honored! It comes with rules. One rule is that I am to list seven things about myself that make me awesumm. This is hard, but even harder, I am to list and tag seven fellow bloggers who are also awesumm. Have you seen my sidebar bloglist lately? It is growing like crazy! There are so many beautiful, wonderful blogs out there! You, this wonderful blogging community, have blessed my life tremendously in so many ways! Listing seven is nearly impossible! Beyond that, there are quite a few "kings" I would like to include. So, I'm going to cheat a bit and list those kings and sneak in an eighth and ninth. Then I would also like to say that if I ever visited your blog, became a follower and/or left a comment, you are a king or queen in my book! Thank you to all who have the courage and take the time to blog about your life and your faith-you have lifted me up and enriched my life! (My seven awesumm things follow the list of blogs...) written by Ann Voskamp. Hers is a "quiet blog"-no comments, no followers, but you can sign up to receive her new posts by email. This blog is so unique-great photography and great poems/stories about her life on a farm with her farmer husband and beautiful children-you are sure to love it! another blog with great photography. The posts are the deeply contemplative story of a man guided by the Spirit with a penchant for old-fashioned writing instruments. Unique, inspirational, lovely! is also quite different. Gabriella alternates posts between English and Italian, telling the story of the traditional Catholic church. Love is the word 'read' behind every post. is a varied telling of life through the eyes of Brian, a man preparing to be ordained to the Diaconate. Great posts of interest to anyone!

Brother Charles is the man behind He shares very meaningful reflections on the Sunday readings with tremendous insight. A friend of La Vie Graphite blogger. by Micki. She posts beautiful vintage Holy Card pictures with an inspirational quote, usually by a Saint, with each card. is written from the perspective of a Christian writing instructor, Susanne. Her words are so sweet and uplifting!
written by Elizabeth Mahlou follows the faith conversion and life story of a remarkable woman and her even more remarkable family.

Truthfully, I could write a recommendation for everyone in my sidebar, because I love all of these blogs so much and find I can't get through my day without checking what's new on each of them! It is my hope that you can take a few minutes to visit them and leave a friendly word if you like what you read!

Finally, a special recommendation for my dear son, John, and his'm always amazed by the maturity of his faith and can't believe that God has blessed me with this wonderful son!

Happy Blogging to all!

Seven Things That Make Me Awesumm:

1. I make fabulous grape jelly from our homegrown grapes. At Christmas I usually give away 80 jars as gifts to friends, family and teachers.

2. I am extremely punctual and dependable.

3. Thank You are my favorite words to speak.

4. Sea Glass is hard to find, but I've been able to collect 5 jars full which are displayed in my front porch windows.

5. I am very loyal and faithful.

6. Although my parents have passed away, I have spiritually adopted all of the sweet, elderly people at daily Mass as my parents here on earth.

7. My children are generous with their expressions of love for me. Even if I weren't awesome in any other way, these daily hugs, kisses, high fives and words of love that I receive from them builds me up until I am nearly always bursting with love not only for them and my husband, but for everyone.


  1. John is your son? Oh wow! God bless you all. You do have a precious family. Hugs to all of you! And you do deserve this award. You have my vote.

  2. INDEED you are awe-suummmm Anne!
    And please do tell: Where DOES one find sea glass?
    I sure would love for you to post photos of that window sounds LOVELY:)
    Congratulations on your award!
    I AM left wondering how John feels about being "QUEEN" for the day though, HA HA
    (You're awe-suuummm too John...'tis true!)

  3. You are awesome :) I love how you "adopt" the elderly at your church, how very sweet! And I want to be on your grape jelly list ;)

  4. Wonderful insights Anne! You are truly a loyal blog follower and always appreciated! I would love to see the sea glass jars too.

  5. Congratulations! Your blog is awesome and I read it everyday. I'll definitely check out your sons blog and the other ones. I have found some great blogs from your bloglist!

  6. Thanks for all of your kind comments, they are more than I deserve. I find my sea glass on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, Wisconsin side. There is one beach in particular which I have now named "Sea Glass Beach", where I find a pocketful every time I go. It's off of a breakwater and I think that has something to do with the vast amounts of sea glass that wash up there. My husband loves to challenge my word choice, because technically, it's Lake Glass and not Sea Glass. I always respond with "well, you "see" it don't you?" Blessings to you all!

  7. Why, Anne! (blush) Thank you for passing along the Queen for the Day! You are so sweet! And I love your seven things about you, especially your loyalty and faithfulness. :)

  8. Let me try posting again.

    Anne, you are truly Awe-summ! I loved everything you wrote about yourselves. I love seaglass. One of my favorites things in the whole world :-)

    BTW, I forgot that John was your son. I love his blog!

    Hopefully, this will post.