Friday, August 28, 2009

Because It's August!

Happy Feast of the great St. Augustine!

This morning as my children and I were driving to Mass, I told them that today is the feast of St. Augustine. Mary asked "Why is it today?" and Joe smartly answered "Because it's August!" :)

Fr. Dave read a story of the life of St. Augustine during Mass and when he read the following passage, I got a little thrill:

In his day, he providentially fulfilled the office of prophet. Like Jeremiah and other greats, he was hard-pressed but could not keep quiet. “I say to myself, I will not mention him,/I will speak in his name no more./But then it becomes like fire burning in my heart,/imprisoned in my bones;/I grow weary holding it in,/I cannot endure it” (Jeremiah 20:9).

I had no idea that my favorite biblical quote, the one that I best identify with in my ever present need to share my faith with others, would also describe this great Saint.

So, in honor of St. Augustine, who gave us that great quote "Our hearts are restless oh Lord, until they rest in You," I offer you, dear reader, my Restless Heart prayer...

Restless Heart

Lord, you created me to be restless until I rest in You.
I am so tired, Lord!
I long to rest in the palm of Your hand.
Your hand feels so warm and comforting.
I put my head down and begin to drift off to sleep.
Then, you spread your fingers apart, and I fall out,
away from the warmth and comfort found in You.
I am jolted back to reality!
My restless heart searches for Your hand yet again.
Once more, I begin the arduous journey to the peace and love
that can only come from resting in You.
Please hold me tight, Lord, don’t let go.


  1. Anne,
    Beautiful prayer. Each night as I drift off to sleep I pray that He will not let me go, but also that He not allow me to let Him go.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    I also love Joe's response to why we celebrate St. Augustine today :)

  2. Very cute family car story =) I also think it's so amazing when we make a connection of sorts ... You made a beautiful connection between your favorite Bible passage and an incredible saint. That is so awesome! Have a blessed day ... and weekend!

  3. I like St. Augustine. Do you want to know why? Because he was such a sinner before his conversion. Stories like his seem much more real to me than the saints who never fell hard. By the way, you and I and Jeremiah have a lot in common, Anne.

  4. Thank you for that wonderful store on St. Augustine...

    I loved your prayer,

  5. Amen! Amen! Amen! I love his mama too!