Sunday, September 6, 2009


Joining with Jennifer at My Chocolate Heart

Sitting amidst the noise of my wild sons fighting and shouting in what I interpret to be their overwhelming joy after spending a wonderful hour with the Lord at Mass, I try to calmly reflect upon all of those things for which I am most grateful to God...

1. I am so grateful for the gift of laughter, even when it is at my expense...

This past week, I arrived home from work to find a note on the kitchen table from my son Joe. The note said "Call Mrs. C about cookies for the homeless." Cookies for the homeless? How in the world would cookies be of help to the homeless, I wondered, but ever the helpful worker for the Lord, I returned the call to offer my baking skills to assist the homeless. As I waited for Mrs. C to answer her phone, I glanced over the calendar and groaned a little when I saw an upcoming home and school meeting scheduled for the next day. The phone was answered by a machine, and my voice rose into the lilt of a question as I agreed to bake cookies for the homeless. After I hung up, the connection became very clear to me. Mrs. C did not want cookies for the homeless, she wanted cookies for the home and school meeting! But now my voice was forever speaking my foolish mistake on her answering machine. When she returned my call, we both had a good laugh at my mistake. Time to review my son's phone message taking abilities!

2. I am so grateful for those who are willing to share their gifts from God to give glory right back to him...

We had a new cantor at Mass this morning, a beautiful young girl, a friend of my son's, who sings like an angel and gave me chills each time she opened her mouth to lead the congregation in song. A few years ago when my son, John had cantored for a school Mass, it was this very girl and some of her friends who gathered around John afterwards to ooh and aah over his singing ability. I had to tell the girls to scatter so his lifetime fan (me), could offer a few words of praise myself. This morning, it was my son who rushed to this young girl's side to compliment her singing and thank her for sharing her gifts. I am so grateful for youth who aren't afraid to share their love for God!

3. I am grateful for new friends...

I had been writing to someone for the past few months and we have instantly connected. I finally had the chance to meet her in person this past week, and she is wonderful! Marge and I have agreed to work together to establish an Apostolate of Spiritual Motherhood for the priests and seminarians of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. (Easter and Esther-if you are reading this, we will be leaning heavily upon your expertise in the good work you have done in Honolulu!)

4. I am grateful for time alone with God and the lessons learned from that experience...

It is true that God works in mysterious ways, and I always marvel at the fact that I think I know so much only to find out that I know so very little. He is always in charge and my response can only be humble submission to His will for me.

5. I am grateful for the words of my friends in this blogging world, words that challenge, words that comfort, words that edify, words that bless, words that inspire. To me, they are the words of God. I would like to share some words that have especially touched my heart this week. These are from Susanne Barrett and her Meditative Meanderings Blog...

In the Confessional

Fear tastes metallic.
Eyes clenched, lowered,
I whisper the litany of my sins.
My cheeks redden --
a badge of transgression
unseen by all but the confessor.
Kindly he averts his gaze,
granting grace as I gather
breath and composure.
He has heard it all,
I scold myself.
He won't think less of
the bared soul before him --
I hope.

But shame envelops my tongue,
now dry as cotton,
choking words back into
my drought-scorched throat.
I vainly regather shreds of dignity,
desperately trying to cover
my exposed soul.

In this sacred space
my Lover cups my face
between His shattered palms,
gazes heart-deep
into my tear-stained soul,
looses my tongue from warp and weft
of imagined bonds.
My voice restored,
I raise my eyes to
meet the confessor's gaze...
At Last.

copyright 2009 Susanne Barrett

May the Lord bless you all with much to praise Him for in this upcoming week!


  1. Someone once told me "a grateful heart never strays." Looks like your are on the right path.

  2. Ooh Brother! "A grateful heart never strays", I like that! Thanks for sharing those words with me!

  3. Anne,
    Your post had me laughing, especially the first paragragh. It paints a funny picture in my mind. The poem above is wonderful! I'm going to check out the link right now.

  4. What a gratitude list... you made me smile, Anne.

    Beautiful poem too.