Sunday, September 13, 2009


“Praise our God and Savior for God’s love endures forever! Alleluia! Alleluia!”
Wylawiajcie Pana-Taize’ Chant

Joining once again with Jennifer at My Chocolate Heart with some weekly praise for my God and Savior who has been extremely good to me…

1. I never used to spend much time on the computer at home, because I felt I had enough of it at work all day. But then I discovered blogging and my computer use has significantly increased, so much that I have become a nuisance to my family as I have been encroaching on their computer time. I have been praying for a laptop computer so I can blog away without causing a strain in my family relationships. After a particularly stressful night in which I intensified my prayers, my friend Sara who only works with me one day a month, came to work and asked me if I was still looking for a laptop. She told me that she had just bought a new one and is going to give me her old one! Praise God for answered prayer and a significant sign that He wants me to keep writing about Him!

2. After my Pondering Pages post this past Tuesday, I have continued to discern whether or not I should consecrate myself to Mary. You, wonderful blogging community, have left me so many wonderful comments regarding that post, that although I thought I was not going to go through with the consecration, I had a change of mind and heart and will consecrate myself to Mary next month. My preparation begins today! Thank you all so much for your words of support and encouragement! Praise God for the gift of a call to consecration to my beautiful blessed mother, Mary!

3. My family had the opportunity to enjoy the play “Vianney” sponsored by our seminary last night. What a wonderful story of a wonderful saint! Praise God for Saints and actors who portray them!

4. As I spend time mending my son’s flannel quilt, I am reminded of the warmth of God’s love and His generosity in always covering us with his blessings. Praise God for His loving care!

5. I am grateful for concord grape pie and the joy that it brings to my family each year as they anxiously await the arrival of the treat from the oven and then partake in the tart delight. Praise God for delicious treats from the bounty of His earth!


  1. And I praise the Lord to have found so many good and kind friends through my blog.
    I keep you all in my prayers.
    Forgive me if I don't reply to all your comments to my posts but I sincerely don't have the time to answer all the comments but I do love reading you all, especially your posts :) They're such a relief!
    Thank you.

  2. You will receive many graces from consecrating yourself to Jesus through Mary. I will keep you in my prayers as I pray the Little Crown each morning - yes, I found the book shortly after I left my comment the other day! I so missed praying it!! God bless you.

  3. Praise God for giving you, Anne, this ability to touch so many lives with your beautiful words.

  4. I am glad that He has provided you a way to keep writing about Him...we are all so blessed by your gifts.

    And that PIE sounds HEAVENLY!!!!!!! I have never ever heard of grape pie!!!!!!!!!

  5. Please keep us updated on the consecration things - I'd like to possibly do this in the future.