Sunday, September 20, 2009


"Praise God from whom all blessings flow"

God has been so good to me...let me count the ways!

1. I had the privilege of attending a Hmong wedding this week. The bride and maid of honor were beautiful in their traditional costumes, and the food was amazing! My friend and coworker,Chue, the mother of the bride, and her family made all of the food themselves. The wedding was in the park across the street from their house. My son Justin received the chicken head from the plate of chicken and was told that in Hmong tradition this means that he is a man. My son Joe received the chicken foot. He was told that this means he is very lucky and will become rich, so all of my friends from work began to give him money! Life is so interesting when we can embrace all cultures! Thanks be to God for filling this world with so much variety.

2. My son Jack who is ten years old has been expressing an interest in the priesthood, and I am beginning to take him seriously. There will be a post about this on Wednesday. Thanks be to God for calling the little children to Him.

3. My son John sang at his all school Mass and I was witness to another young man expressing a calling to the priesthood there. Thanks be to God for beautiful music and the gift of song, and for continuing to fill this world with holy men willing to dedicate their lives to His service in the Church.

4. My husband Paul and I have begun to pray the Lord's Prayer together every morning. Thanks be to God for the unity of marriage and prayer.

5. I was able to attend adoration twice this week. My heart races with joy each time I am in His holy presence. Thanks be to God for the gift of Holy Hours.

6. My mother-in-law has received her final chemo treatment for breast cancer and is feeling much better. Surgery will be scheduled next month to hopefully remove the last of it. It's great to see her in such good spirits! Thanks be to God for physical healing.

Thanks Jennifer for hosting this MEME!


  1. These are wonderful blessings to be thankful for. I always love coming here and reading about what you're grateful for and what you are doing and the wonderful prayers. You are very inspiring!

  2. I love hearing about your life and your wonderful family -- blessed by God! I hope to join this meme as well -- such a wonderful way to show God's love and grace to others.

    I love your heart for Jesus, Anne. You inspire me.

  3. This is a truly inspirational piece, but try as I may I can't find reference to the prompt on my meme Carry On Tuesday to which you've linked it.

  4. Ah - I've found it! It's in the post above this one and it didn't appear the first time I visited!

  5. Beautiful PRAISES Anne!
    Your family is so very blessed!

  6. What a great bunch of things to be grateful for!

    I'd LOVE to attend a Hmong wedding. Lucky you!

  7. You might be raising two Catholic priests?? How wonderful!! You are setting such a loving, prayerful example for your children and the rest of us - thank you!