Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gorgeous Blogger Award

Sweet Judy at Benmakesten has surprised me with this delightful award! With great awards comes great responsibility, so now I am responsible for naming six little known facts about myself and then passing this award on to six other gorgeous bloggers. Here goes...

1. Today I will be meeting a true lifelong friend for coffee, and I'm very excited! Sarah and I were next-door neighbors from birth. We ran away together to the playground on the corner when we were toddlers. She was the one who was really running away, I just went along to protect her because I was 6 months older than her! We haven't seen each other in at least 20 years, so I know that the "Funky Bean" will be the sight of a blessed reunion! (I'm the one in the red sweater and Sarah is next to me.)

2. My middle name is Marie, Paul's middle name is Michael, so, we are AM and PM! Day and Night, we continue to love and support one another!

3. I used to sing in a guitar group at Mass when I was in my early 20's. Do those even exist anymore?

4. My friend Marge and I along with our local Rosary Evangelization Apostolate are working to establish an Apostolate of Spiritual Motherhood for Priests here in Milwaukee. Our goal is to assign a Spiritual Mother to each of the 800 bishops, priests, brothers and seminarians in our Archdiocese by the end of the Year of the Priest this June. Gotta take care of those good boys with prayer! See my sidebar for lots of great links! And please, keep this effort in your prayers!

5. Today is my 6 month blogging anniversary!

6. I am a hard-rock girl at heart. My favorite all time song is "Spirit of the Radio" by Rush.

I can't believe how incredibly difficult it is to think of six little known facts that would truly be of interest, so I hope these didn't leave you all yawning!

And now to pass this award on to six gorgeous bloggers whose words and faith-filled blogs always leave me hungry for more...

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Pass it on gorgeous bloggers!


  1. Congratulations! Have fun with your childhood friend today. I am backing up your Apostolate with prayer; I thought it was a great idea! May God bless you and may you have a wonderful day :)

  2. Thank you so much Mary! You are such a sweetheart! Your prayers mean the world to me!

  3. I hope you had a wonderful time with your friend Anne.

    Your blog is always a spiritual delight! I love your every post!
    Thank you for mentioning my blog too, that gave me such encouragement!

    God Bless!

  4. Thanks so much for the award! I love your story about you and your next door neighbor!

  5. Thank you for the award. I was thinking about the six things I should write during RCIA tonight. Probably not a good thing, but it will be my post later tonight! I love your blog too!

  6. :) Thanks for the award! I always enjoy your blog!

  7. Thank you for thinking of me and my little blog! I will have to start blogging more to make it well-deserved! And in checking out the other blogs you awarded... and the blogs they awarded... I added over a dozen more to my list! And I thought I'd already found all the good ones!

    Thank you again! I was truly touched!

    By the way, I just joined twitter, and I was trying to figure out if you were on there... do you have one?