Saturday, October 31, 2009

There's one in every family...isn't there?

Just like every class has a class clown, every family has a clown as well, don't they? In our family, that designation belongs to fourteen-year-old Justin. I don't think there is anything he wouldn't do for a laugh. Sadly, I'm not quite sure he's trying to be funny, I think that most of the time he is quite serious about the things he says and does.

Tonight at supper, Joe was sharing a story with the family about conjoined twins. Then, he got up to get the Guinness Book of World Records to share some more fascinating information with us. As Justin was looking at the picture, Paul asked him about how they move around. Pointing to the name Guiness on the book, Justin said "How should I know Dad, I'm not a genius!" "Well that's obvious!" was the consensus around the table.

Paul turned to me and said, "This is from the boy who painted his face black with a red nose and went trick or treating this afternoon as Brett Favre. A man giving out candy said he looked just like him too!" I missed that scene as I was out trick or treating with Jack and Mary. What left me smiling as we left our house was Justin's attempt to add "scary sound effects" for those visitors looking for treats. He had a CD playing with the sound of someone snoring. Scary stuff! That would have kept me away for sure!

What would we do without our comic relief named Justin? He is one delightful laugh after another! We never know what kind of stunt he will pull next! I thank God for this sweet and silly son of mine!


  1. Justin sounds like what my John Paul is going to be like when he is fourteen. Very similar gifts!

  2. Sounds just like Aaron when he was that age. Encourage it! God gave us a left side and a right side to our brains. The left side is for logical thinking and facts. The right side is creative, think artists and WRITERS. God has an easier time speaking to us through our right sides. I have a book on this, if you're interested.