Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's it Gonna Take to Make Me Like Sports?

I am not a sports fan of any type, unless my kids are playing. Then sitting in the stands cheering on my children is a joy! So,it's a real challenge living in a household full of men and boys when you don't share their love for sports! But, I just offer up the fact that I'm bothered by all the constant sports talk as a penance in reparation for all the times that my own obsessions and interests are a nuisance to my family. Listening to the games on TV or radio is a bit more of a challenge to offer up, though, because the noise of the cheering fans really grates on my nerves. I admit that it is fun when the guys get all excited as I reach for the sports section of the Sunday newspaper, thinking that I've finally caved to the pressure and have become interested in the latest baseball stats. I can't help but smile when I hear the unified groan as they realize that I'm only looking for the weather report on the back page of the sports!

But this sports story really made my day, and I just have to share it! Now if Archbishop Dolan lived at my house, I'm sure he could convince me to take up an interest in sports and he would become as much a hero to my husband and sons as he is to me! Check out his latest blog post!


  1. Funny! Especially the St. Jude comment. I am not much of a sports fan, either :)

  2. Sports really aren't my thing either, although a good football game now and then I don't mind. Very cool that they let Archbishop Dolan through the opening pitch at the game.
    I saw his interview with Raymond Arroyo last week on The World Over, as usual he had excellent thoughts to share. What a blessing that you had him as your bishop for a time!

  3. In our house, my eldest is really into sport. My husband isn't too much and my other boys just aren't as interested. I am glad my husband isn't some sport freak that watches every single game and needs to know the score constantly.

  4. In my house, I am the sports fan...though the Baseball playoffs have been pretty exciting, even to my husband :)
    My girls are Phillies fans and Snorkie is just learning to watch...
    I am more of a football/Giants fan, but the series is a lot of fun. Sorry to be rooting against such a great priest...
    Pax Christi, E

  5. Thanks for this post, Anne. I'm not much of a sports fan either, but like you, I did like the article. Archbishop Dolan is such a good writer! Because he is able to bring wit and humor into his writings. I see that in yours, which is wonderful. :-)

  6. I used to love baseball when I was a lot younger. Now I enjoy a good football game on a Sunday afternoon. That's because I used to watch my son play in high school and then go to his college games with him. Blessings!