Monday, October 12, 2009

Without Malice

"Life is a flower, of which love is the honey"
Victor Hugo

A prompt by Carry on Tuesday

I picked a sunflower from the garden to share with a friend.
The flower had a suspicious buzz, and upon closer inspection
I found a bee working at the center of the flower.
With a quick, firm shake, the bee buzzed away.

I gave the sunflower to my friend with these words…

“I offer you this flower without malice.
Although I shook a bee from the center,
I cannot guarantee that another may not be hiding within,
clinging to the flower, unnoticed by me.
If you should happen to be stung, please know that my
intentions were pure and loving.
I do not intend for this gesture to hurt you in any way.”

Just in case my friend would become pained
by my flower, I added a little prayer…

Heavenly Father, Creator of all that is beautiful,
just as this sunflower opens to your light,
please open my friend’s heart
to the blessing of the bees;
the honey-sweet flavor of love.

Please keep her from becoming stung
by the bane of the bees;
the pains of life.



  1. Beautiful! I love your poem - prayers. I keep forgetting about the poetry prompts. There are some other sites that do this, too. The picture was awesome!

  2. Nectar so sweet could only come from our Lord! Thank you for for sharing His love.