Saturday, November 21, 2009

Praise for the King!

When life becomes dark and I succumb to misery, the only solution is to praise God. Gratitude is the antidote to sadness. So it is with gratitude to Jennifer at My Chocolate Heart for this fabulous MEME that gives me pause to reflect upon all of the good things that God has done for me.

PRAISE for kind words of comfort and love from friends who care.

PRAISE for my children who sing so well and share their gifts with others.

PRAISE for a full pantry with healthy foods for my family.

PRAISE for the smiles of children.

PRAISE for a warm house and comfortable clothes when so many go without.

PRAISE for jars and jars of grape jelly to share with friends and family.

PRAISE for the gift of my Catholic Faith and the never ending love of Christ my King.

Praise for the King

In the dark days of winter,
a light shines forth
golden crown of glory
captivates my eyes
sparkling, glistening,shining
covering yesterday's pain.

Though marks of pain are lasting
the sorrow melts away
with the brilliance and majesty
of my wondrous Lord
who loves me,
Jesus Christ the King!


  1. Beautiful, praise be Christ the King!

  2. Well said. I will remember this throughout the week.

  3. That is the calling of Christians, that is our apostolic task, the desire which should consume our soul: to make this kingdom of Christ a reality, to eliminate hatred and cruelty, to spread throughout the earth the strong and soothing balm of love. Let us ask our king today to make us collaborate, humbly and fervently, in the divine task of mending what is broken, of saving what is lost, of fixing what man has put out of order, of bringing to his destination whoever has gone off the right road, of reconstructing the harmony of all created things.

  4. Let all that hath breath praise the Lord!

  5. Amen, amen. All praise to our King!
    I love your list, Anne. Hope you have a wonderful day.


    WOW Anne! I could just hear the beautiful organ accompanying your post!

  7. Beautiful! I loved the poem at the end!

  8. What a beautiful poem to honor Our King! God bless you, Anne.

  9. Anne- You in darkness, remembering to Praise God. That is amazing and wonderful! Thank you! You are an inspiration reminding me that all things, light or dark, are in Him and through Him and because of Him. I am honored and blessed to call you my dear friend- the whole world is a better place because you are sharing The Word with all of us! Love Danette