Thursday, November 12, 2009

Prayer in Motion

I walk the downtown streets
each noon,
rosary buried in the palm
of my hand
lest someone see it and know
of my prayer.

I pass the homeless,
the families and
the college students hurrying to class.
All the while
my prayer continues,
but now, it includes each of those
I pass on the way.

A stranger asks
"What are you doing?
Talking to yourself?"

I don't answer as the blush
of embarrassment covers my face.
I try to keep my lips from moving
so that only God will know of my
noontime conversation with Him.
But sometimes, I get carried away
in prayer and lose awareness of my surroundings.

All through the rosary and the
Chaplet of Divine Mercy
my fingers work the beads
as fast as my feet work the sidewalk.

I cross over to the college campus
and nod to the priest as he leaves the
Church of the Gesu
in appreciation for the many confessions
he's listened to my heart unburden.

Ave's continue for family and friends,
strangers and acquaintances
and my very own soul
as I skirt around the little French
St. Joan of Arc Chapel
and wind my way back
to work.

Now, I am refreshed,
and able to continue my day
of service to others
after having given the service of my heart
to the Lord.


  1. Anne, Swimming with Scapulars is written by Matthew Lickona.

  2. Really nice. I can see you walking, walking, doing the route you know so well. People see, some with confusion, others you give hope and courage to. Next time when they ask "What are you doing, talking to yourself," say "Oh no, I'm saying the rosary. I'm talking to God." The reaction you get might be different than what you expect.

  3. What a great break - physical exercise and a spiritual exercise. I need to combine those two more often. And don't blush about people hearing you long as you are praying humbly, they probably need your witness!

  4. Thank you, Anne. I enjoyed your Rosary walk:) It's nice that so many receive prayers as they stroll pass. I think a lot of people would like that. And it's a free country last I heard, so you can talk to yourself, too;)

  5. Hey Anne. How are you? It's been awhile! This is Beautiful! I too was picturing you walking.

    This also reminds me of a song by David Crowder Band. Where this young man is walking down the busy street trying to contain his praise and then finally surrenders and just stops and sings and praises God in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city street!

    Check it out:

    Take care, ♥x♥x

  6. Thanks for the link Heidi! Great song, maybe some day I'll have the courage to stop everything and openly praise Him in public!