Saturday, December 5, 2009

Advent Praise!


in blackest darkness

in shivering cold

in snow-white covered peace

in utter silence



a lit candle

a warm home

fragrant greenery

quiet music

a sleeping babe

Praise God for the expectant waiting of Advent leading to Christmas joy!
Praise God for the expectant waiting of pregnancy leading to the birth of a sweet, precious baby!

Praise God for Cali Lynn born December 4th, the beautiful daughter of my dear friend and coworker, Melissa and her husband, Adam. Nothing in this world can compare to the new life of a precious infant! I praise God for a nursing babe in her mother's arms dripping sweet milk from the corner of her mouth, for warm, pink sleeper pajamas, for the sounds of rattles and baby coos, for the wonderful smell of baby lotions and powders, and the soft feel of tendrils of hair at the nape of a baby neck!

Praise God for the gift of babies! Praise God for the greatest gift of all, the sweet baby Jesus, coming to us after our annual gestation of Advent waiting!

(Thanks to Jennifer at My Chocolate Heart for this weekly Praise! MEME)


  1. Anne, this is yet another super post. What a lovely encapsulation of baby-ness. You always pick such great pictures too. I don't think I have ever seen such a natural picture of Mary and her sweet baby.
    Congratulations to your friend on her new arrival!

  2. Such a sweet reflection on the miracle of life. And definitely praise God for the dear Baby Jesus! A blessed Sunday to you, Anne.

  3. Oh Anne.... I wanna hold that new baby!!! I love that newborn age and all it's fabulous smells and softness. Makes me want another one.

    Praise God indeed for beautiful new life.

  4. Oh...I agree Jennifer...makes me want to nuzzle another one!

    Beautiful reflection on waiting Anne. I just love this pic and the title *Kissing the Face of God*.