Friday, December 18, 2009

Seven Quick Takes

I have never done this particular MEME before, but I had such an interesting week which left me quite frazzled, so I thought I would get it out of my system here. I work with a girl who complains constantly, sort of a vent-as-you-go mentality. It usually drives me nuts and drags me down. But actually, maybe that's a healthier way to live, just get it out and be done with it! I'm the type of person who saves all my frustrations up inside myself until I explode. Here's my explosion from this week as I join in the fray of the Jennifer Fulwiler’s Conversion Diary’s weekly “Seven Quick Takes.”

1. When my son Joe needed his booster immunizations a few years ago, I took him to the doctor for the dirty deed and our insurance didn’t cover the preventive health measure. Those shots in my son’s arm cost me $200! Later, I learned that the health department would have immunized my son for free! I was quite sick about it. I made sure when my two oldest sons needed immunizations for high school, to take them to the health department and save myself some moula. I also make it a point to tell all of the clients I serve at the WIC Clinic that they should seek immunization care from the health department as well. So,last October, when my son Jack needed to see the doctor for his struggles with Attention Deficit, our new pediatrician (who is quite wonderful by the way, he himself is the father of nine children!), offered to take care of the immunizations that Jack was currently in need of. Feeling stressed by all of Jack’s difficulties in school and the need for medication to help alleviate some of his struggles, I quickly agreed. “Take care of it all!” I said. Yesterday, the bill arrived in the mail. Oops! I forgot my own much given advice to go to the health department for those shots! Now, I’m $300 in debt to the doctor and sicker than sick about it! I wish I lived in Canada!

2. The other morning I was backing out of the garage with Joe, Jack and Mary in the van, on our way to daily Mass and then to school. Justin leaves the house at the same time we do, only he walks about 5 blocks to catch the bus that takes him to high school. It’s still dark outside when we leave, and as I was just starting to inch the van back, I heard Justin screaming. Did I run him over, I wondered? No, he was standing next to the van in the garage and screaming because there was a dead possum in the alley. Possums have got to be one of the ugliest creatures that God ever made, along with cockroaches and mosquitoes; I often question God as to what good purpose these critters actually serve. I sent Paul an email at work telling him that I would love him forever if that possum would be removed from the alley by the time I returned home from work that night. It was. I love my husband.

3. I am a mother who stresses out her children by making them leave the house at 6:45 AM daily, so that we can attend 7:00 Mass each day. Joe, the 13-year-old, struggles with this the most. He wants to grab every last minute of sleep that he can get and then frantically runs around looking for his school uniform that he failed to set out the night before and then tries to gulp down some breakfast as we run out the door (he cadets and has to leave Mass before communion, so he’s off the hook for fasting one hour). This past Tuesday, he was running way behind and asked me if he could eat his breakfast in the van while we were driving. I agreed. There he was with his bowl of cereal and milk in the front passenger seat, eating all the way to church. When we arrived, he was still eating. He asked if he could finish and then join us when he was done. He’s a growing boy; he needs to eat, so I agreed again. I handed him the car keys and asked him to lock the van when he was through. Jack and Mary and I headed into church and immersed ourselves in the morning Mass and were soon joined briefly by Joe until he left following the homily. I didn’t give those car keys another thought until we were ready to go. They weren’t in my purse, they weren’t in my pockets and they weren’t on the pew. OH NO!!!!! I trucked over to the school to find Joe at his cadet post. “I left them on the car seat,” he said. Have you ever seen a woman run in clogs on the ice? It is not an easy trick, let me tell you! There, in the church parking lot, were the car keys on the driver’s seat, van doors unlocked. Why didn’t I just put a sign on the van that said, “Come and take me!” A big thank you to God that nobody did!

4. I was blessed to receive a sweet phone call this week from my wonderful friend Danette’s wonderful daughter Lisa-Marie. Lisa-Marie will be confirmed this April and she asked me to be her sponsor! What a thrill! I am so very honored!

5. My son Justin invited me on a date this past week! He has been struggling in English class and his teacher offered him a chance at extra credit if he would attend the school’s production of “A Christmas Carol” and then write a report on the main idea of the play. Justin could have asked any girl to go with him, but he didn’t. He asked me! I was so delighted to escort my 14-year-old son to his school play and enjoyed our night out very much!

6. Like most bloggers, I am addicted to the Internet. I worry that this addiction causes me to neglect my family, and my husband often reinforces this worry for me by complaining about the amount of time I sit at the computer. So this week, my family and I attended an Advent Reconciliation Service. I confessed my sin of neglect for my families needs, secretly hoping my penance would be to unplug the computer for a week or more so I could get some work done around the house. No luck. He told me to stop stewing and instead I should praise God for the savvy and know-how to write a blog. I guess that kitchen floor will just stay dirty for a little while longer.

7. This is the time of year for lots of Christmas hoopla combined with end of semester exams. My son John had a guitar recital this week for his final guitar grade. I’ve never been to a guitar recital before. It was very nice! John played “Away In a Manger.” Mary also had her class Christmas program. She begged and pleaded for a Santa dress and I finally gave in. I’m glad I did because it was super-cute on her and she sang her part so well! But I must confess that I am very grateful that the Christmas programs and parties are over so I can try to get back to my “Waiting in Peaceful Advent Silence” agenda. (What’s that? If I’m being honest, it’s really a back to “Busy Final Preparations for Christmas” agenda! Ugh!)

And now, I will do my best to give my household my undivided attention until Christmas! I pray that you will all be able to do the same for your families.


  1. O my goodness, your #3 reminds me of when I left my envelope of money in the produce section at the grocery store!

  2. As usual, a most enjoyable post. I remember all the running around when our kids were younger (now 19 and 22). But now we find ourselves running around even more between Knights of Columbus, Secular Franciscans, Evening Prayer, Evening Rosary, Choir, etc...
    But we wouldn't change a thing. Peace to you!

  3. I like #6! It helps me feel less guilty about sitting at the computer when there's work to be done. :)

  4. What a great penance! I missed our Advent reconciliation mission this week and I am so sorry I let myself get so overscheduled.

  5. Anne,
    My kitchen floor is dirty, too. I can send you pictures if it'll make you feel better ;) Busy week for you!

    Your heart must STILL be soaring with JOY!
    Now repeat after me, "I will NOT run on ice in clogs, I will NOT run on ice in clogs, I will...." That's it Anne...keep going...keep saying it....
    Your children are so VERY talented musically...have they ever played and sung TOGETHER as a group?
    As running over a child is a deep-seated compulsive fear of mine...that possum moment would have PARALYZED me with fear if I thought I'd hit my own son!!!!!! You poor dear!

  7. I love your 7 Quick Takes...made me laugh. I am trying to cut down on computer time too, as you can tell by my blog...and I like the extra time I have. I wish you and your family a very blessed and Faith-filled Christmas!

  8. Welcome to the 7 Quick Takes crowd. I agree with your motivation; it *is* cathartic.

  9. Well Anne, you may spend too much time at the computer (my parents ration me to 40 minutes per day), but do you know how much good you do? You have a tremendous gift for putting mundane things into part of God's plan and I think the best thing that happened to me in 2009 was to meet you and John albeit in cyberspace. I hope you all have a blessed Christmas with every best wish for 2010!

  10. So glad you all enjoyed this post! Thanks for the great comments.

    John, you are too kind. I know that my son John and I feel the same way about you-knowing you through the internet has been a great blessing in our lives. You give us hope and joy!

    God's richest blessings to you all!

  11. Love that priest! Can I go to him next time I have to confess wasting time and ignoring my kids in order to catch up with people I barely know but enjoy learning more about?