Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Out of Hibernation

I need God
I call to Him with my sobs and I wait for a response
silence falls heavy on my ears
heavy on my heart
so heavy, I can't rise to the day

I am a turtle, head tucked inside my shell
hiding under the covers of my bed
wishing the world would go on without me
and leave me behind in my slow-moving despair

then I hear it...
the creak of the bed springs upstairs
children's footsteps walking the floor above
and I must get up, must come out of my shell

could it be that the sound of family waking
is the sound of God?
could it be that the sweet arms around me
and the voices that whisper "don't be sad"
are coming from Him?

God draws me out of the hardness
of winter hibernation
with the sweet sounds of children
offering words of love and encouragement

it feels like Spring
their words are sweet-scented hyacinth
and warm, gentle breezes

I soften and move ever so slowly
I take the hand of the child of God
and enter the life of a new day


  1. I understand that turtle feeling better than you know!
    Prayers for you Anne!

  2. Love this, Anne! Of course your children are little instruments of God - what sweet blessings!

  3. "...the sound of family waking is the sound of God..." so very true. A beautiful piece.

  4. Beautiful. And I can so relate to hibernating and wishing the world would go on without me. God has a way of getting us to move!

  5. So gentle and heart felt.Your thoughts are so precious and comforting.

    God Bless~