Saturday, January 23, 2010

Prayer of Veronica

My beautiful, precious Jesus, you are hurting so much. Your whole body is crying out for love and comfort. Let me love your pain away. Let me kiss your hands pierced by nails. I will gently bandage them and hold them close to my heart so you can feel my love enter into them and heal them.

Jesus, my wonderful Jesus, your face is covered with sweat and blood. Let me gently remove the thorns that pierce your brow. I will wipe away all of the hurt and sorrow from your face along with the sweat and blood. I will wash your hair ever so tenderly and rinse it with my tears. I will pour refreshing water for you to drink to quench your parched lips and throat.

My starving Jesus, let me cook a meal for you to satisfy your hunger. Sit at my table and I will serve you nutritious food to help you grow strong again. Your weak body will be revived. Your empty stomach will be satisfied.

My freezing Jesus, let me clothe you with soft, warm, comfortable clothes to take your chill away. Come; rest your tired head on my soft pillows. I will cover your tired body with warm blankets. I will play soft music to comfort you as you drift off to sleep.

When you awaken, Jesus, you will feel refreshed and renewed. Your smile will return with the knowledge that you are loved. Your hurt and pain will be diminished and you will begin to heal. You will regain your strength. Your joy will return.

Jesus, my renewed, beautiful Jesus, I will always love you and care for you. I will always comfort you when you are in need. You can turn to me and I will be here, ready to hold you, to feed you and to give you rest and joy.


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  1. Thank you Anne for sharing this. It was exactly what I needed to read today. God bless you.

  2. This is so beautiful! Before I read this I was debating going to a local walk for life in my area...not any more. I am definetly going.

    Whatever you do for the least of my brothers, you do for me.

    Thanks for putting my car keys in my hand ;)

    God bless you and yours today!

  3. Thank you, Anne, for sharing this beautiful prayer. Your posts are always so edifying!

  4. You are truly a vessel of God's Love, Anne. May He reward you a hundredfold for this beautiful testimony of your love for Him.

  5. Wow, as I was reading that beautiful piece, I imagined Jesus indwelling in the sick, the lonely, the cold, the hungry, in Haiti... Thanks for this