Thursday, January 28, 2010

Seven Quick Takes-This and That

1. A highlight of the week: The words of my son, John, after an evening gathering of about 15 youth at our parish center "I like how the parents who chaperone are always happy and I love how much they care about all of us." Makes my day to know that all of our parental effort is noticed and appreciated!

2. I went bowling with my daughter Mary and her class as the entire school enjoyed a day at the bowling alley as part of their Catholic Schools Week Celebration. I can't believe that I can actually say that my mouth hurt from smiling so much! How cute those third grade boys and girls are dancing and bowling and really having a great time! As for us old mom's who chaperoned, we were clueless about how our children all knew the songs they were dancing to as we had never heard of them before. Finally they played a song by Bon Jovi and we all sighed with relief at something we recognized. And do any bowling alleys have manual scoring anymore? What happened to using your brain while enjoying a game?

3. Recipe for comfort at the end of a miserable day: 2 glasses of wine, a handful of chocolate kisses and snuggling under a blanket with my daughter Mary, enjoying one of my all-time favorite movies, "The Scarlet Pimpernel". How I love to watch Anthony Andrews as Sir Percy Blakeney-"They seek him here, they seek him there, those Frenchies seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven or is he in hell? That damned elusive Pimpernel." Sigh.

4. This story about a Gen-x priest has been going around the blogosphere. I love it! Here it is in case you missed it elsewhere.

5. My favorite quote from the week was on Betty Duffy's blog..."It felt like we were two children, suspended for a moment by our mutual fascination in something other than ourselves"- Betty Duffy How I wish I could always feel that way-suspended in fascination by something other than myself!

6. I'm looking forward to attending a Women of Christ Conference tomorrow with my friend Danette and my sister Cindy. Some great guest speakers are scheduled including Vicki Thorn and my favorite, Fr. Don Hying. I am anticipating a wonderful day of inspiration!

7. Is it possible to burn out on church? My son Justin says so. He refuses to serve at Mass anymore, he says it's time for someone else to chip in once in a while after he has served 2+ Sundays a month for 5 years. Could my oldest, John, be close behind after being asked to serve for yet another funeral tomorrow? He is the only youth in our large parish (3200 families-I believe) who serves funerals. Even the parish secretary sounded like she was tired of asking him when she left the request on our answering machine. Anyone ever feel as though their children have been taken advantage of for their willingness to volunteer in church to the point of pushing them away?

Thanks to Jennifer at My Conversion Diary for this MEME


  1. It is possible to burn out on church. As a ministers wife and married to someone who grew up as a preachers kid, you get asked to do a ridiculous amount of stuff. It is hard to set boundries, but maybe in your case you can make a rule that your boys are only available certain weeks of the month? Like he will be ready and willing to serve the 1st and 3rd weeks of every month, but any other time he will have to say no, even if he feels like he could do it this time. Boundries are the only way we make it in ministry.

  2. I'll be at the conference as well! Perhaps we will run into each other!

  3. Awesome Therese! I will be looking for you!

  4. I love your list. I love the highlight! As far as getting burned out on ministry, it can happen to kids and adults alike. Young Mom had a good suggestion. I call it balance. That is my one word resolution for this year - Balance. God bless!

  5. OH Anne...I have to go back and finish reading your post...but I left in the middle of it to say that ONCE AGAIN we are MADE KINDRED SPIRITS as the Scarlet Pimpernel is one of my ALL TIME favorite books AND movies...we have the original movie from long that the one you watch? The book was more suspenseful since you did not know who the Pimpernel was until near the end, whereas the movie identifies him from the get-go...but here we are once and I...with the same hearts!!!!!!!

  6. Now I have to come back and say that I'm sorry the boys are tired from older son served from 5th grade all through senior year until he graduated...many funerals and weddings as well. Jake serves now and this is his second year...I haven't heard either of them express it in this way though...perhaps your boys just need a little hiatus:)

  7. more thing...I now see that you have the original...didn't notice that you named the actor in my prior excitement, LOL
    You have quoted our favorite line that we walk around the house saying to each other!!! My favorite part of that line is that when he says "elusive Pimpernel" he TOUCHES Chauvelin's shoulder!!!!!!!!!! So elusive that he can TOUCH him and remain unknown, ha ha!!!!