Thursday, February 4, 2010

Anointing, Hope and Vitamin D

"The Twelve drove out many demons, and they anointed with oil many who were sick and cured them." Mark 6:13

My hope has been reborn through a wonderful doctor. Her healing hands and compassionate heart, her gentle listening and probing questions have led me from a dark and fearful place to the brink of light that will be my salvation.

Yesterday, I was told that my Vitamin D levels are extremely low, despite the fact that I have been taking 2000 units daily for the past 4 months. My level is a 23 when the normal range is over 35. So I left her office with a prescription for a megadose of Vitamin D, 50,000 units to be taken 3 times a month in addition to the 2000 units daily. Wow! She also took pity on my anxiety and racing thoughts, my sleeplessness and my complete despair and the fact that the antidepressants that I had been taking were causing side effects that left me constantly tremulous. Some changes in medication should hopefully do the trick.

But you know me, I can't accept that physical healing comes from humans alone because I believe that it is truly God who is the one who heals through humans. He is the one who has blessed me with a brilliant and kind doctor, a compassionate spiritual director who will listen to my struggles to find God in all of this, and a beautiful family who constantly comforts me with their love and stands by me through thick and thin. It is God who worked through my pastor, Fr. Dave this morning, as he took the time after Mass to anoint me with the Oil of the Sick, in addition to blessing my throat yesterday.

Through all of these wonderful people and so many more who listen to my woes, and read about them here on this blog, I have hope that I will be healed, that I will be normal again, and that I will have so much more of myself to give to others instead of forever taking for myself.

So with the oil from Anointing still glistening on my forehead, I praise God for using this depression to teach me some valuable life lessons, for bringing people to me to help me cope and for loving me deeply through it all, even and especially, when I didn't believe He could love me.


  1. Blessed be God! I'll pray before Him today for you, dear Anne. He is with you: all is well.

  2. Heehee, love that joke!

    I hope you are getting all the pieces to fall into place with your health. I'm sad that you suffer from anxiety and depression, when you inspire and make others so happy!!

  3. Anne,
    How blessed you are to be able to see your depression as something to teach you. I am also glad that St Luke, a physician, is your patron for this year.
    Hugs & Prayers!
    I love that little joke about Adam & Eve :)

  4. Anne,
    You will be in my prayers. I'm happy to hear of your positive dr. visit. Hang in there. You have so many blessings in your life, and I feel blessed to read your blog every day. You have taught me so much.

  5. Joe's funny! That was a good one!
    Anne, I'm glad that our Lord is taking good care of you and leading you to people who can help you. I hope you find relief with the vitamin D and a good doctor, it is very hard to suffer daily. My prayers are with you. I know what a daily struggle it is to work, take care of a family, be a good wife when it's hard to step out of the pain [whether interior or exterior]. I struggle with this issue every day. God is our hope. Please be gentle with yourself, sometimes we push beyond our capacity and we forget to have mercy on ourselves. In my case, I was so prideful I wanted to just "do it all", I have been learning to slow down and weed out the important things from the less important.
    By the way, my vitamin D levels are below normal also, I'm surprised the doctor didn't think of putting me on large doses of D. I do take it at home but perhaps it's not enough to bring my levels to where they should be. It's something for me to think about, too. God bless you!

  6. Anne,I am so glad you have some renewal here and a new regiment! With spring and preparation for Lent around the corner,it's refreshing news for you! It was wonderful to see you this weekend and share such a really beautiful day with all those speakers. It was great to meet your sister and I hope she enjoyed it as well! Joe's a pretty funny guy! In Prayer for you-Danette

  7. Anne, I will be praying for you. I have just had my blood drawn for a follow-up to my Vitamin D levels since I have been taking supplements. And since I received the Sacrament of Anointing, while being off my antidepression medication, I have been doing AMAZINGLY well. The Holy Spirit has obviously been working wonders for me and I am sure that the graces given to you through the sacrament will also sustain and lift you up. Blessings! And if you need/want to talk ever, stop by and leave me a post. I find that sharing the angst of depression and exhaustion is a burden much easier to carry when we can share it not only with Jesus, but with others who have a similar cross.
    With prayer, Katie

  8. Hello Anne,
    I always come to your blog for a boost. I'm so sorry to here about the vit D thing. I will be praying for you on that. And here's one of those Twilight Zone things. Dr. Robert Heaney, an elderly gentleman, devout Catholic and our VP for Research here at Creighton, is giving a talk next Tuesday on... Vit D Deficiency. Weird, eh? I'll attend and keep you appraised.
    Daniel Patrick O'Reilly

  9. Anne,
    Check your B vitamins, too. I had terrible problems with mood swings when I was on a medication related to terrible hormonal problems. A solid, balanced B complex (I used Shaklee) was the only thing that kept me sane at that time. I understand that B deficiencies and imbalances among the Bs are common among pre-menopausal women because of hormone-related changes.

    Hope you find good, lasting relief soon.

  10. I am so humbled and honored by all of your prayers and concern! God is certainly alive and well in these blogs, isn't He?

    Daniel, thank you so much for visiting my blog and I look forward to hearing any information you can share with me about the newly discovered benefits of this miracle vitamin!

    Anonymous-yes B vitamins have long been associated with depression, especially B-12. My B-12 level was fine, but a little extra boost never hurts!

  11. You're in my prayers, Anne.
    Against depression eat a lot of apricots - I'm not joking but I don't know if you get them there :)

  12. We are all here for each other, here in the ether. A beautiful post.