Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Few Quiet Moments

carving out space in my day
just a few quiet moments
that aren't crammed with work and worry
a little spot where a dream can grow
a little time where God can speak
and my soul can listen

it only takes a few quiet moments
and I can breathe again
can focus my blurred vision
can remember what's important,

in those few quiet moments
I remember that God loves me
and with His love
I can love others
deeply, profoundly

a glance can show that love
a gentle smile can bring it out of others
a robust embrace can melt it out of my heart
and bring it flowing in tears of gratitude from my eyes
and it only takes a few quiet moments

I am full of love
both given and received
I feel it in my heart and
in the stillness of my soul
and I am able to continue with my day
with simply a few quiet moments of prayer


  1. Anne,
    One of your greatest gifts is this ability to write straight from the heart and through this gift touch the hearts of others. May God continue to inspire you and bless you! Through life's storms, trials, joys, and wonders - your poetry, prayers and posts give us a glimpse of one who's heart is completely in God's hands :)

  2. The words that come to mind when I read this peaceful post are "be still and know that I am your God".


  3. Anne,
    As always your gift for poetry touches my heart. I especially love the line: "so full of love both given and received..." That thought brings such peace and comfort.
    Thanks for this and fore your kind words on my Sunday post earlier.
    God Bless!

  4. God really has given you a gift. This is beautiful and so very true. God Bless you!

  5. Beautiful. A few quiet moments! I long for them every day! God bless!