Friday, February 5, 2010

Seven Quick Takes-Wisdom from the Blogs

Every once in a while, I read something that resonates so deeply within my soul, that the speed which with my breath escapes my mouth makes me wonder if I'd been punched in the gut by an invisible person. These quotes found on the blogs and from other sources qualify for those breathless reactions in me...

1. "Reaching out to Jesus feels like hearing that some guy likes you and wants to get to know you, but never calls. You sit by the phone, wondering what you did wrong." From Destry on Jennifer's Conversion Diary, I Sought but I Didn't Find,Now What? She was coming from a non-believing background with this comment, and although I have been a lifelong believer, it amazes me that I have often felt the exact same way!

2. Archbishop Dolan never fails to draw me in with his magnetic words. This quote is from his experience in Haiti and can be found in his column "To Whom Shall We Go?"

"The dialect God most comprehends comes not from lips but from a heart broken and eyes crying, because God hears tears...He became one of us in Jesus, and in Him we have a God who Himself cries, whose Sacred Heart is broken with sadness."

3. My longtime friend Katherine, the one who first encouraged me to blog, has a very exhausting post on her blog "Inside Out" about what life is like racing around with four children. I'm including the comment I left on her post, because something about my husband's perspective always makes me smile...

* Woke up by Delaney about 9am
* Drive Connor to his friend's
* Drive Delaney to her friend's
* Pick up a treat for Kelly
* Pick up Connor
* Take Connor to basket ball practice
* Pick up Kevin from his friend's
* Take Kevin home
* Pick up Connor from practice
* Pick up Delaney from her friend's
* Drop off Connor at Basketball
* Ricky takes Kelly to swim practice
* Finish dinner
* Pick up Kelly from swim
* Study with Kevin
* Put everyone to bed
* Park the car in back...Goodnight!

Anne said...

I shouldn't let Paul read your blog, his mind is always in the dark somehow. He wants to know why Ricky took Kelly to swim, but you picked her up. What happened to Ricky? Did he drown?

Now isn't that what you were wondering? Me, I was just trying to catch my breath from Katherine's busy day, but not my husband, he always focuses on those little details!

4. Upon the recommendation of Michelle at Always Room for More, I just finished reading "Saint Mary Magdalene-Her Life and Times" by Edith Filliette. Great book! I was amazed to learn that when St. Mary Magdalene's body was exhumed, "a small piece of skin was found attached to the brow. It was smooth, clear and lighter than the remainder of the body, and was the size of two fingertips. As it resembled live skin, it was subsequently named "Do Not Touch Me"-the words spoken by Christ to Mary Magdalene at the Resurrection;it was believed to have been the touch of the risen Lord on the brow of Mary Magdalene."

"This small particle of skin remained unchanged for another 500 years, and no suitable explanation was ever found for the phenomenon. Five centuries after its discovery, it finally detached itself from the brow, and was placed in a separate reliquary."

I had always found this part of the gospel to be tremendously discouraging. If I were Mary Magdalene hearing Jesus say "Do not touch me" I'd be crushed! Every ounce of my body and soul would be aching to hold him! But reading this, has given me a different perspective. I'm sure He wanted to hold her as well, but couldn't in his state of awaiting for the resurrection. Do you think she could continue to feel that touch to her forehead for her 30 remaining years on earth?

5. One of my long-time favorite blogs is La Vie Graphite. He always has deeply contemplative posts and his most recent offering really got to me, not only with the gorgeous flowers on this post but also with these words... "Through gloom and defeat, find unfettered graces. When I cannot remember God’s presence, that surely doesn’t mean I’ve been forgotten. Indeed, finding encouragement in despair is hard enough- yet I don’t give up trying to be the encouragement I seek. In this way, I can help effect my own renewal as well as be an ingredient in that of others. To bloom in the desert is to be able to vary one’s vistas, to see the flowers grow through the ruins. Locate the bright prospects- or listen for them."

6. I have always found lots of inspiration at the Creighton University Daily Reflections site, and one of my favorite reflection writers is Daniel Patrick O'Reilly, a father of seven sons. I was so thrilled to see that he left a comment on my blog this past week, as I had no idea he was following it! If you are looking for a daily dose of spiritual uplifting, I highly recommend this site! Here's a taste of Daniel's reflection from yesterday's Gospel Mark 6:7-13..."The story in Mark has more messages in it than you can shake a stick at. First, Jesus sends the disciples out two by two. Why? Wouldn’t it be more efficient and cover more ground if you sent them out individually? I think there are two reasons for this. Jesus has given the disciples a daunting task. It would be easy to get discouraged. Having an encourager along is important. Second, if I were out healing people by myself, it would be easy to start taking all the credit myself. Having someone to hold me accountable is important. Part of the reason we worship together is to encourage each other and hold each other accountable."

7. Finally, I leave you with this precious comment left by "In Prayerful Reflection" to my post about Jesus casting Legion out of the man in the tombs from this past Monday's Gospel(Luke 4:21-30) "It is over this that I find myself praying. How often are we, the "holy church" broken and unhealed because we do not have faith, and we do not see Jesus where he is, because he appears among those whom we think are not as "holy," who are not in "the true church," whose practice is different from our own.

I find it very humbling."

Thanks to Jennifer at Conversion Diary for this MEME.


  1. Funny, I was just thinking about Mary Magdalene not being able to touch Jesus today! He said He hadn't yet ascended to the Father but I always had trouble understanding because He told Thomas to put his finger into his nail wounds and his hand into his side. I have never understood why He told Thomas to touch Him but told Mary not to. I guess it's something I won't find out till heaven.

    Thanks for the beautiful words of our fellow bloggers! I am going to go check out some of the sites right now :)

  2. Wow! I loved this post - lots of words of wisdom to ponder. And, of course, I keep thinking about Ricky and where he went during swimming practice - but only because your husband mentioned it!

    Loved the information you passed on from the Mary Magdalene book - it's on my list now of things to read.

  3. Great links! Thanks for sharing!

  4. WOW! For Quick Takes...I've been given enough here to ponder for a nice long week! THANK YOU!!! What a treasure-filled post!
    Adding a comment to Jesus telling MM not to touch Him...I have always found this to speak VOLUMES to us about just how sacred and important God fins PURITY and MODESTY.
    Remember, back then, women would never have touched a man ANYway...EVER...(aside from a spouse of course)...and being that He was not yet in His fully glorified state of would have caused Him IMPURITY to be touched by a woman!!!!! I use this very passage often when talking with young people about decorum...and just how far AWAY from that this society has gotten. Anyway...just something extra to ponder there:)