Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Catholic Youth Rally-Fearless

What a blessed and lovely day I spent this past Saturday with John and Justin, my two oldest sons, and our friends from church, Steve, Jessie and Cody. We had the great privilege of attending the Wisconsin Catholic Youth Rally, a twelve hour day of praise and worship. The theme of the day was "Fearless." There were nearly 1000 fearless teens packed into the large gymnasium that served as a church for the day. Contemporary Christian Worship music by Sonar was played throughout the day and two wonderful guest speakers, Jim Beckman and Sr. Terese Marie Iglesisas TOR provided great inspiration.

Some highlights of the day were: Mass with Archbishop Listecki, confession lines that stretched down long hallways and around corners, Christian music by Sonar, laying on of hands for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, thirty youth who stood up for an altar call to receive a special blessing from the Archbishop as they witnessed to the fact that they were all considering a vocation of service to the Church, and best of all, Eucharistic Adoration. During Adoration, Deacon Matt Widder who will be ordained to the priesthood this May (prayers for him please!), carried the monstrance in a procession throughout the gym and blessed everyone. The room was dark, with a spotlight on the monstrance. The smoke from the incense hovered over the monstrance casting a purple shadow upon it and as the spotlight touched the golden monstrance, they reflected out in beams throughout the room. Simply beautiful and moving. (The picture is Fr. Luke Strand from the 2009 Youth Rally.)


  1. Adoring Christ in the Eucharist brings such peace and joy to my heart. The imagery you use here is beautiful.

  2. How wonderful that you had the opportunity to be at such a wonderful event with your sons! And those highlights you listed certainly give this world much-needed hope! My good friend is in Sonar (the only female), and my brother-in-law plays drums =)

  3. Sarah, what a small world it really is! Who would have ever guessed that a band from Minnesota playing in Wisconsin would be written about on a blog and someone would personally know the members! The band was excellent! They really made the day wonderful, in fact, I am still humming the songs in my head! And more than that, they were so devout and respectful. They set a wonderful example for all of the kids! Please let them know!