Sunday, March 7, 2010

Praise for the Little Things

Praise God from whom all blessings flow,
Praise Him all creatures here below,
Praise Him above you heavenly host,
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost!

This past week has been touched by little blessings which add up to overflowing wonder in the glory of God. It is for this that I praise God.

PRAISE GOD for my new desk and computer at work which enhances the atmosphere and the ease with which I can do my job. These little material benefits bring a little more comfort and joy to a job which I already love, and the homey environment with lots of room to display family pictures and holy cards helps to ease the nerves of clients who are uncomfortable answering so many personal questions.

PRAISE GOD for warm 30 degree weather with sunny blue skies! Oh the glory of an early March day with pleasant weather is beyond compare!

PRAISE GOD that I was able to take advantage of that nice weather yesterday and go for a quick two mile run! I haven't been running in months, and although I am terribly out of shape, it felt so good to be working my muscles and using the gifts the Lord has given me to care for my body, His temple.

PRAISE GOD for the opportunity to gather with my family and watch the movie "Jesus" as a Lenten tradition. Of course, after a busy day, like the apostles in the Garden of Gethsemane, I struggled to keep my eyes open. Sweet 11-year-old Jack nudged me awake at the heart-wrenching Pieta scene with my favorite song "Pie Jesu" playing in the background. I praise God for the tears Jack cried at the end of the movie, too. My son's little heart breaks for the love Jesus so generously poured out on the cross for us.

PRAISE GOD for lectoring with my 16-year-old son, John at the early Mass. It is an honor to read God's holy words with him. An extra bonus was the hug he gave me at the sign of peace.

PRAISE GOD for the lovely walk my husband and I took together. Moments alone with Paul are few and far between, but when we can spend those moments together enjoying God's beautiful natural surroundings, it makes those rare events even more precious.

PRAISE GOD because Justin, Jack and Mary took it upon themselves to clean the van without being told. This is more of a blessing than you can imagine! The van was filthy!

PRAISE GOD for lots of "I love you's" with hugs, kisses and the warmth of family togetherness.

Thanks to Jennifer at My Chocolate Heart for this MEME.


  1. Its wonderful that you took the time to thank God for all of those things. You are truly blessed!

  2. Wonderful list, Anne. You've got me wanting to see that movie now. Your boys sound very special indeed.

    Have a very blessed week, my friend!

  3. I agree. It is the little things that are often the most important.

  4. What a wonderful list of praises!

    God's blessings are awesome, aren't they?

    Have a wonderful week,
    Jillian ♥