Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Nut

Dear Jesus,

as that nutty squirrel was watching me through my kitchen window, trying to assess the best path of entry, I realized that I am nutty as well.

I, too, live in the trash. I have grown quite comfortable amid the squalor of sin. Yet, somewhere in my conscience, I sense a little discomfort, a bit of unease, and if someone were to round the corner and find me in my state of sinfulness, I would quickly jump with fear and race away like the squirrel, afraid that someone might find out the truth about me. I am afraid that others might know that I praise You with my mouth, but far too often, my heart fails to follow my words. I fear that it may become quite transparent that for the most part, my foolish heart is content to stay here in the refuse of sin.

Like that squirrel peering through the window to a better life, I also dream of a different life, an easy, pleasant life. But, that easy, pleasant life is not in Your plans for me. Just as that squirrel cannot be content with the blessing of a beautiful home of trees and grasses in which to live and play, and healthy nuts to eat, I also am not content with my beautiful home and family. Too often, I lose myself in daydreams of a life that could never be, because the only life You have ever meant for me is the life that I have now.

I do not want to be a nutty squirrel, Jesus. I want to be your devoted and faithful follower, loving You, and enjoying the life You have given me here and now. Help me to see that You have given me all I need and all that I could ever want, and there is nothing that is better. Help me to shake my patterns of sin and greed that keep me searching for more and give me the sweet contentment that can only come from resting in You. Amen.


  1. As always, wise words, my friend! (I am back! :D)

  2. lovely. so inspiring. thanks.

  3. I have a feeling that the good Lord loves the squirrel in you. I know that any time I see a squirrel I stop to admire its behavior, wishing I could be as free, taking the time to enjoy all the beautiful things that God has gifted me with!

    Thank you for this bit of inspriation you have shared with us tonight!

  4. Like Daily Grace, I love squirrels. (I also love watching starlings, but that's another story...) Perhaps I'm squirrely, too!

    In all seriousness, I loved your post. It spoke to me on many levels.

    God bless you,


  5. Hi Anne,
    I love nuts! What a beautiful analogy!

    Have a wonderful and blessed week,
    Love, Jillian ♥

  6. Would you really want an easy life, Anne? So much of what you share with us, your insights, come from not having an easy life. My learning, my rewards, my happiness come from not having an easy life. I think I would be bored with an easy life, and I certainly would not be who I am were my life to have been easy. Let's praise God that we are not given what we think we want but what we really need - challenges, opportunities for growth and to contribute and to help others, real rewards.

  7. Praise God! Happy Easter to you, dear Anne!

  8. My first glimpse of your site this afternoon is the title "Another Nut," and I KNOW it will be good :). In the spirit of fun I'm going to record my reading of your post play-by-play. First reaction, as I said, is: this is gonna be good :) ! You have now clinched it as I read: "I am nutty as well." :) ! Oh dear!, and now you're saying: I, too, live in trash... What!? I wonder... Yes, this is a thoughtful address on the topic of sin... a very effective lead-in to the idea, Anne. High compliments. Interesting to me at this point is your reference to dreaming of a different life. (I'll explain why later.) I agree, it consitutes a losing of self in dreams, indulging them perhaps. Your prayer is so touching. I'll pray it with you (for you and for me. .......... In Jesus' Name, Amen.

    Regarding dreaming of a different life. I also write fiction and, in process of developing a character, I'm exploring why reality isn't sweet like dreams are. I just reread it. And it's much longer than I remembered :/ ! I'm thinking it could be converted to a post... The gist of it though is this: the sweetness of dreaming lies in entertaining the ideals voiced by desire+imagination; while the circumstances of the moment fall short of those ideals. Dreaming is malleable to self and vice versa, like a one-character play. On the other hand, the work of the moment is many-peopled, and subsequent imperfections in setting and schedule and script abound! It's ironic, because what's at hand at any given moment is the only place sweetness can exist to begin with - it's the only place where life exists - otherwise, the sweetness is merely remembered or imagined or anticipated. No comparison!

    You're right, contentment with the gifts at hand is truly the real treasure. Squirrely is good :D !!! It's only discontent that isn't :) .

    p.s. Hiiii Easter :) !