Friday, April 23, 2010

On Air!

This morning, my son John was interviewed by our local Relevant Radio station about his involvement with A Vocation to be a Priest website. The website has a link on their news page. Please support both Relevant Radio and A Vocation to be a Priest website. I would like to send out a special blogger thank you to my friend Fr. James Kubicki at the Apostleship of Prayer for recommending John to the radio station. Please visit his fabulous blog, Offer it Up. One of his most recent posts, a homily about Fr. John Hardon, SJ is a favorite of mine, and maybe you will enjoy it as well!

As if my son's on air interview wasn't enough to make me feel as if I were floating on air, I am very excited about a big event at my parish tomorrow, April 24th. My humble church will be the host for our Archdiocese's Transitional Diaconate ordination! I am so excited, you'd think it was one of my own children who was going to be ordained, but the way I have held these men in my prayers this year, it feels as they are my own sons, spiritually, anyway. Please pray for Christopher Klusman, Kevin McManaman, Hugo Londono, and Javier Guativa-Rozo as they take this next step in their journey to the priesthood!

To learn more about Christopher's unique story, click on his name!


  1. Anne, thanks for the "plug." I appreciate it. I was so interested in your son John's creating a vocation website for young people his age that I thought others should know about it. I'm glad Relevant Radio picked up on this story. It's truly wonderful to be a part of these good things happening among God's people. Keep up the good work. I look forward to meeting John someday.

  2. Anne, as an enthused fan of Relevant Radio, I was happy to tune in to John's interview. That so many are considering vocation to the priesthood and the sheer number of hits his site is getting is heartening. I was especially moved by his discernment that God will keep nudging him in the direction he is ultimately to go, which, also, is so true for all of us; and moved by his faithfulness to adoration and to prayer for his counsel. Holding you and your son (and your whole family) and your four spiritual sons in prayer, aspiring...

  3. Anne, how terrific! I will be praying for those young men.

  4. I was so excited to be able to listen to John in England - through the miracle of technology and the convenience of time zones! It just happened to coincide with lunch break at school.
    John was fantastic. He was very relaxed with all the questions and came across as very open to what God wants of him.
    I know his interview will have helped others to at least consider the possibility of a vocation to priesthood.
    God bless and thank you!

  5. Congratulations on your son's interview on Radio and on the work he does on his website. He is a credit to his parents and an example of good up-bringing.

    May God bless you Anne and your family always.