Friday, April 9, 2010

Seven Quick Takes-Alleluia, It's Easter!

1. I’ve always heard that priests and parish staff are exhausted after the Triduum and Easter Sunday, and this year, my family had a taste of that, and we can completely relate to the exhaustion. Joe served at Holy Thursday and John sang in the choir. We stayed for Adoration until 10 pm. On Good Friday, we attended the Morning Prayer Service and then helped carry all of the donated food from the Holy Thursday Mass to the parish food pantry. Both John and Justin helped to carry in the cross for veneration at the Good Friday service. Our parish asks six teens to dress completely in black shirts and pants, and to walk in bare feet, while they carry the cross to the altar. It is beautifully dramatic. John and I read the Genesis creation reading at the Easter Vigil and John also sang in the choir. Then, on Easter Sunday, Joe and Jack served at the 7AM Mass, and John sang at the 10:30 Mass. We followed that up with lunch at my sister’s house and supper at Paul’s sister’s house. Are you tired from reading all of that? Me, too! But I wouldn’t change a thing! It was wonderful!

2. My family and I took a much-needed vacation this past week. We went to a nearby indoor water park hotel. We all had a blast and the kids were so happy to get away. We haven’t had a family vacation in several years. After a little rest, I can just breathe so much better and all of life seems to be a bit brighter! Praise God!

3. Alleluia!!!! Doesn’t it just feel good to say that? This morning at Mass we sang “Alleluia, The Strife is Over”, which is one of my all-time favorite songs. I remember being an insecure fifth grade girl singing that song at many funerals as one of four girls in the funeral choir. In fact, the four of us were the funeral choir under the direction of our school principal, Sr. Lois. We were terrible! I could never tell if the mourners were crying because they missed their loved one so much, or because we were so off-key!

4. I am greatly looking forward to attending the “Divine Mercy Conference” tomorrow with my niece, Jenny. We anticipate being uplifted by the speakers, Scott Hahn and Matthew Kelly. I’m sure I’ll be writing about the experience in a future post.

5. My friend, Fr. Don, writes a column for our local Catholic Herald. His Easter column was especially touching and with his permission I reprinted it here yesterday. Check it out if you missed it, you won't be sorry!

6. We've had a few days of rain this week and the grass is a vibrant green, the forsythia and daffodils are glowing their brilliant yellow hue, and all of life is new and wonderful. Alleluia, it's spring!

7. Here's my bit for Lucy's "Kid's say the Darndest Things" blog-hop: My son Joe likes to beatbox, you know make music by emitting spitting sounds with his mouth. It usually drives me nuts, but being in the joyful Easter mood in which I currently find myself, last night I was absentmindedly dancing along with it as I worked at the computer. Joe was beside himself with happiness to find that his mom would even slightly appreciate his taste in music. He happily told all of his siblings, and when eight-year-old Mary heard about it she said "Mom, I am so happy that you are married to Daddy, aren't you?" Sweet response, and yes, I am happy that I'm married to Paul, but I'm left wondering what in the world that has to do with beatboxing!!!

Thanks to Jennifer at My Conversion Diary for the Quick Takes MEME.


  1. That's cute!

    Thanks for joining in, and come back next week with more stories. I'd love to read them. :)

    In Christ,

  2. Alleluia is just the thing to say, isn't it? I really do love the Easter Season! Wonderful post!

  3. Anne,

    I'm the Director of Religious Education for my Parish. Talk about tired? Yes, I know tired this time of year. We also had Confirmation the week before Holy Week and I am currently running full out to get ready for First Communion. But I threw myself in Mary's arms the other day and said, "Dear Mother, help!" Guess what? Today I had a call from a friend who said, "What can I do to help you? I've been having a hard time missing my mother (who died recently) and I need to be around people and you always cheer me up." Can you believe it? So, busy yes, but thanks to the Communion of Saints, not alone! ☺ ♥