Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sweet Summer Nothingness

The sticky, muggy, stifling heat inside my house drove me to the backyard where I lay down on the cool grass in the shade of the ash tree. The rich earthy aroma of the freshly watered garden mingled with the fragrant lilacs to create a heady and delightful fragrance. I felt like a child again, enjoying a lazy summer's evening with no worries. Too hot and tired to do anything, I cast aside my "to do" list, my agenda, and my chores and enjoyed the blessed nothingness of just "being" in the presence of the Lord surrounded by the love of my family.

I watched the leaves on the tree swaying in the breeze and I was reminded of the Holy Spirit breathing into the air and creating that delicious breeze. I noticed that the leaves were gathered in groups of three and I thought of the Trinity! I looked at the branches that were gnarled and twisted around each other, just as our lives are all wrapped around each others and connected together in the love of God. I realized that this precious evening time was not wasted, but that it had become a joyful and peaceful time of contemplative prayer.

This evening of sweet summer "nothingness" was a gift from the Creator of all things. I could hear Him speak to me in the songs of the birds, calling me to relax, to rest in His love and His presence. What a joy it is to forget everything that disquiets and accept pure love from God! I look forward to a long summer with many enjoyable evenings of "nothingness" in which to enjoy the presence of God and His many gifts of nature.


  1. Anne,
    What beautiful descriptions- I felt like i was there and could smell the lilacs!

  2. What joy! Thank you for sharing it, dear Anne, and may God bless you with many such moments as you have written about here.

  3. Thanks for the reminder, Anne. My shaded deck and beautiful yard sits unused much of the summer now, as other priorities weigh on my mind. But even if I can't be there, I can recall the quiet evenings, the birds singing so loudly, and even the squirrels dropping by for their snack of nuts. What I cannot do, I can still remember, and what I remember is how great God is, and how beautiful his creation for us.
    Thanks for the reminder.