Wednesday, August 11, 2010

He Knows Me So Well

Nineteen years we've walked
side by side through life.

I try to hide who I am,
thinking I'm so clever
thinking he doesn't really know me;
doesn't really understand me,
because we're so different.

He likes watching cooking shows,
I like cooking for church events.
He likes playing sports,
I like praying at Mass.
He likes to create gadgets,
I like to create prayers.
He likes hard rock music,
I like church music.
He likes resting on the couch,
I like resting in God's love.

But I was wrong in thinking that he doesn't know me,
in thinking that we were growing apart
because my single-mindedness is hard to miss.
I'm sure he knows me better than I know myself.

I want to be angry when he teases
but I can't stay mad because he makes me laugh
when he tells tall-tales about me to our children.

He says:
"Mom will only watch football if it's the Seminarians vs. the Priests"
"Don't mess up mom's plans for her day off: first she has a meeting with Fr. Don, then she has a meeting with Fr. Carl and then a meeting with Fr. Dennis. Next, she has spiritual direction and then she has to drive across town to meet with her friend so that they can talk about priests."

My husband knows me completely;
he knows that I'm a church-girl
through and through.

And he listens most attentively,
with all the love and interest he can muster,
when I excitedly share an
insightful homily with him,
or tell him about the Saint of the Day.

And he joins me on Sunday
head bowed, hand in mine,
giving the gift of ourselves,
our symbol of the union
between God and humanity-our marriage,
back to our Creator
on the one day each week
that is set aside for Him alone.

He knows me so well
and yet, he loves me anyway
and we'll continue to walk
through life together,
differences and all,
until He calls us home
to our eternal union
in heaven.


  1. To be known by the one that loves you, what a gift! May your years be long in number and your laughter even longer! God bless you both...

  2. You brought tears to my eyes! Long live your love, blessed by God above:)

  3. Happy anniversary and many blessings to you both xx

  4. May you be happy and blessed always.

    God bless.

  5. This is absolutely, wonderfully beautiful. Tears in my eyes, especially at the last bit. Thank you.

  6. Blessings on your anniversary for a long nad happy life together!