Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Can't Believe It!

In the previous post I questioned why parents would make their children get confirmed when they don't practice the faith by participating in Sunday Mass on a regular basis. I thought that was pretty senseless, but now, I have learned about something even more senseless. It's one of those occasions where I just have to automatically slap my forehead in disbelief!

My oldest son participates in a monthly vocations discernment group with the Associate Pastor of our parish and he just shared this outrageous story with me that he learned at the most recent meeting. Fr. Dennis has been visiting the 7th and 8th grade classrooms at the parish school and has been assigning scripture study essays to the students as part of their religion course.


Why in the world would someone spend $3000 a year to send their child to a Catholic school and then complain when their child learns about their Catholic faith at that school? I just don't get it!!!! Fr. Dennis specializes in church history and he is a goldmine of information. Those kids are going to get smart under his care! I would have been thrilled if Fr. Dennis had done this while my boys were in 7th and 8th grade, and I look forward to next year when Jack will be assigned scripture study essays by Fr. Dennis.

And I can be assured that he will receive those assignments because Fr. Dennis is NOT going to back down! "Bring it on!!!" he says. "The priest should be teaching religion and this is one battle that I'm going to win!"

Fight hard, Fr. Dennis! It's well worth it!


  1. I know all about this battle - thanks for posting it Anne, I don't feel like I am the only one now.

  2. Hi Anne, a good topic and message. I hope all is well with you :) , <3 , aspiring f.o.o.L.

  3. I agree with you Anne ... parents should be pleased that their children are at least getting a Catholic education. Why else send them there?

    Unless of course it is to tick another item on the list of "How to get to Heaven quick".

    Baptisms - done, tick. First Communion - done, tick. Confirmation - done, tick. Children in Catholic school - done, tick and so on ... Heaven here we come!

    Sorry to be flippant Anne. Some Catholics make me sick.

    God bless.

  4. A horrific tale Anne - my pastor in England told me that he was addressing parents of 1st Holy Communion candidates and asked them to pay about $14 for their child's workbook. One set of parents declined because they had spent $140 on trainers (sports shoes) for their child and couldn't afford to spend any more!! What message does this send to kids?

  5. Many children who attend Catholic schools are not Catholic. Non-Catholic parents enroll their children to escape the public schools -- it's what I call "cheap private school." My son attends our diocesan all-boys high school and the tuition is almost half of what the local private high schools (elite) charge. Our school charges only a a little bit more for non-Catholics (families who are members of local parishes get a little discount -- whatever the home parish will kick in), yet their test scores are very competitive with local private schools, so the school has a great percentage of non-Catholic kids -- Jewish, Muslim, atheist, Protestant. It's not much different in grade school. I can definitely see that non-Catholic (and even non practicing or hardly-practicing Catholic) parents would object to a strenuous religious curriculum because not only do they want academics stressed (those test scores!!), but they don't want their child's work load to be weighed down by non-academic subjects that don't concern them. It's a really big problem in the Catholic schools, but the only way they can stay open in some areas is to take a huge percentage of non-Catholic students.

    It's a great contributor to the dumbing down of Catholic kids in terms of their faith.

  6. I reckon that part of the problem ('cos I see this a ton) is the parents see this homework as THEIR homework. I'm not kidding! But I also see what Barbara is saying 'cos it's so true. Enrollment is for anyone who can pay.

  7. Just an FYI -- we went to "our" high school's open house yesterday -- for incoming 8th graders -- and they told us that 12 to 15 percent of boys are not Catholic -- not even barely-practicing. If you are a teacher, 12 to 15 percent of parents harassing you for making religion a "burden" (not my words but those of non-Catholics) is a big number. Even though all parents know going in that their sons must take religion as an academic subject, and attend all religious events (Mass, rosary, Confession -- not participate, just attend), that doesn't mean they don't gripe about it.