Monday, November 22, 2010

The Year of the Mass!!!!

The Deacon's Bench has consistently been a great source of Catholic News and entertainment for me. Today, I was thrilled to read a story about my all-time favorite and beloved Archbishop Dolan (so thrilled that he's heading up the USCCB!) The best part of the story was that he is calling next year THE YEAR OF THE MASS!

"He also turned his attention to what people are hearing in the pulpit, and the news that he's declared next year the "Year of the Mass":
He said he had heard complaints from Catholic laypeople on his pastoral council that although they love their priests, the quality of their preaching is poor. Archbishop Dolan said he hoped to reinvigorate Mass attendance by declaring 2011 the "Year of the Mass.""
Brilliant!!!! (And don't you just LOVE this picture! It's my favorite of him!)

I'm looking forward to attending Pope Benedict's Worldwide Vigil for Life, also a brilliant idea. Here in Milwaukee, Archbishop Listecki will be presiding at a special service on November 27th. My husband's supervisor received a message on his i-pod about the upcoming vigil. He sarcastically told Paul that it sounds great, "Just a bunch of people holding hands and singing Kumbaya." I am so proud of Paul because he stood up for the faith and for life to his supervisor, which isn't easy to do. Also, how cool is it that i-pod would promote the vigil! If you click on the "Yes! for Benedict" picture on the sidebar, it will lead you to a thank you note that you can sign to let our amazing Pope know how pleased you are with this initiative.

On a sad note, here in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee we have lost a long-time beloved priest, Fr. Redemptus Short, OCD, who was the spiritual director of The Eucharistic All-Night Vigil Lay Apostolate since 1965. He was always gentle and loving, constantly reminding everyone of his deep love for them. I only had the honor of speaking with him once, during confession, and his words to me left a deep impression upon my heart. I was worried that I was writing out of pride and without knowing me or anything about my writing, he encouraged me to continue to write. He sat silent, as though deep in thought about my worries, and then pointed at me and said, "You keep writing. You're drawing souls to Christ." Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen.

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  1. I, too, am a fan of Archbishop Dolan and proud that he is a New Yorker. Year of the Mass..very nice. The changes in the liturgy should be interesting. Have heard a few protests, but as a Church Bulletin Creator, I'm doing my best to explain these changes and why they are good for our faith. Beautiful and touching picture...thanks for sharing. N
    Happy Thanksgiving &