Friday, January 28, 2011

Seven Quick Takes

It's been a while since I've participated in Jennifer Fulwiler's Quick Takes MEME, but it's been such an interesting week filled with joyful news and words that made me smile, I thought that a little compilation of the best of it would be in order...

1. My most recent post about our family dinner conversation brought several emails about the importance of discussing sex with children. A sweet email from my dear friend Marge, whom I hadn't heard from in a while and was missing terribly, made me laugh out loud, so I've got to share some of her words here.

"I just had to shoot an email off to you after reading your blog post this morning about ‘mentioning sex’ to your kids!!! How funny!!! But I have to ask you…..didn’t you know that???? Good grief, woman, you violated a major rule with that one!! Heeheehaaaaa (I’m laughing kindly by the way)... never, never, never talk or teach about sex using yourself as any kind of example or reference. Using people in general works ok. Talking about chastity and all that in, kind of, the ‘third person’ works ok. But you? And your husband? You don’t have sex. Get it? You would never consider it; have never thought about it; your children were delivered through God’s love on your doorstep (or whatever weird way they want to imagine it)…they ‘know’…they just don’t want to talk or think about it."

2. The Milwaukee chapter of the Monthly Prayer Request for Priests(MPRP) has been up and running for the past six months! It has been met with many positive comments, and I recently was told that the Milwaukee Catholic Herald has been running a weekly edition of the calendar. I am so pleased to have been able to bring this apostolate to my Archdiocese and know that it does much good! I am especially grateful to freelance writer Karen Mahoney, who has written a little piece about the MPRP on her blog.

3. This Saturday is the Women of Christ Conference in our area. I am so excited to be able to attend with my friend, Susi. We will be working a booth promoting the Archdiocese Vocations Office as well as the MPRP. The speakers should be outstanding! I am especially looking forward to hearing Fr. Larry Richards, about whom I was honored to write a little something here for Catholic Speakers Month, and Immaculee Ilibagiza!

4. There's been lots of chatter on the blogospere about the March for Life in Washington, DC this week. But one little-known nugget that especially pleased me was hearing that several of our own local boys from the seminary were in attendance at the Mass and the march. What a blessed experience that must have been for them!

5. We've officially begun the process of looking into colleges with our oldest son. COLLEGE!!!! I can't believe it! How quickly fly the years! Wasn't it only yesterday that he was just learning to ride a two-wheeled bicycle?

6. There is a wonderful group here in Milwaukee that has been in existence for the past thirty years known as Roses for Our Lady. For the past two years, I have enjoyed attending the monthly Holy Hours that they sponsor at our seminary to pray for vocations. Earlier this month I took a leap and officially joined the group to help them continue the good work that they do for the Lord. It's been a blast working on the development of a website to promote the organization and hopefully draw many more people to join! I'm always thrilled when I can learn something new, something that I would never have imagined that I would be capable of doing and I am eager to share the website as soon as I receive the a-ok!
But, I know that I still have much to learn and so much growing to do and with growth comes the inevitable presence of pain. Please keep me and all of the Roses for Our Lady members in your prayers as we adjust to one another and our varied ways of doing things.

7. A few months ago, I bemoaned the folks who were complaining about the upcoming Missal changes in public venues such as the local newspaper and thereby contributing to dissent in the Church, sadly, even some leaders from my own parish. Today I rejoice because my parish will be holding mandatory trainings for all lectors and extraordinary ministers of Holy Eucharist to begin to teach these volunteers about the new wording so that we will all be ready to adjust when the time comes for the changeover to begin.


And this morning I have to add a little update, sneaking in a rule-cheating number 8. It feels really good to learn that once again my little writings here have made Eric Sammons' list of the top two hundred Catholic blogs! This time I came in at number 187-up from 194 just last June. Thanks so much to all of you who subscribe and I pray that each time you leave this blog, your heart may be lifted a little higher towards the Lord!

Life is busy, but very, very good; for every inch of it is a blessing from God. How often I forget that when I get bogged down in the details, but when I slow down, take a good, hard look at the big picture, all I can see is His love! How blessed I am! I pray that you, dear reader, feel blessed as well!

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  1. Wow! A couple things: - Immaculee! That's so exciting! And congratulations on "making the list"! That's awesome. You have a really great blog.