Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Praise as Sacrifice

"Offer to God praise as your sacrifice and fulfill your vows to the Most High. He that offers praise as a sacrifice glorifies me."
Psalm 50

husband woos me
again and again
in so many little ways

a bottle of wine
a dreaded chore done so I don't have to do it
an unexpected compliment

a kiss on the cheek and a gentle embrace
and I push him away
too busy...always too busy for romance and affection

God woos me too

flowers in the springtime
and icicles in the winter
quiet when I fear I will drown
in the noise of life

and just like I treat my husband
God gets pushed away as well

too busy...always too busy for prayers of gratitude
and words of affection, too busy to notice the many
ways He blesses my life, concentrating too hard
on the difficulties in my way to see past them
to the beauty and the glories of God

the beauties and the glories of God
for which I must slow down and accept deep
within my heart
and then respond with
praise as a sacrifice
and thereby thank Him and
woo Him in return...

~birdsong in the early morning hours
~a crisp blue winter sky
~the end of basketball season
~his lips brushed against my forehead
~family playing and working out together at the YMCA
~money worries to keep me on my toes
~Nat King Cole on the stereo
~lit candles flickering on the kitchen table
~preparing chicken dinner for my family
~feeling a rush of love, peace and joy for the life I have been blessed with and for my family and friends
~offering a shoulder to cry on for a loved one in distress
~listening to the tragic story of a family torn apart by drug abuse and knowing that by listening with love, I am able to lessen the suffering just a little bit
~the laughter of babies
~lunchtime rosary walks in weather fair or foul
~daughter's arms wrapped around my neck at the end of a long day
~daily Mass, especially when Fr.Dennis is hoarse and his voice is barely audible causing me to appreciate his presence all the more
~ribbons in books of prayer
~the clang of church bells
~house vibrating with the passing trains
~Sr. Rita offering her tutoring services for a struggling reader
~near-constant headaches reminding me of His crown of thorns
~arthritic hands working to make rosaries by the thousands each year for free distribution to anyone who will use them
~His arms stretched out in love on the cross
~releasing my emotions in the written word in this space


  1. Hello! Visiting via your link from Ann's page. I began reading your post thinking it was a poem - you write beautifully. And inspire me to dust off some old poetry volumes tonight. Thank you!

  2. Yes Anne...I know the forgetfulness...the *busyness* that pushes Him to the background when I want Him to be always there...FIRST! It's the awareness I have to work on. Thank you for sharing beautiful words : )