Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Invisible World-A Book Review

It's always a thrill to receive an unexpected gift in the mail; a surprise can make anyone smile. So the day that I came home after a tough day at work and found a large envelope in the mail with my name on it, my spirits brightened a bit! Upon opening it I found Anthony DeStefano's latest book The Invisible World: Understanding Angels, Demons and the Spiritual Realities that Surround Us. Last winter I had reviewed his childrens book Little Star which recently won the "Mom's Choice Gold Star Award" for Best Seasonal/Holiday childrens book of 2010.

Finding a few quiet moments to disappear from the world and nest in my favorite reading rocker, I was quickly drawn into Mr. DeStefano's natural style of transforming difficult spiritual material into something both interesting and easy to understand.

His book meets his goal of lifting the veil of the invisible world so that we can see it a bit more clearly. Upon completing The Invisible World, my eyes have been opened to a better understanding of angels, devils, the soul, grace and suffering; in essence I have a clearer picture of God and the mysteries that surround Him.

I was particularly moved by the chapter, The Invisible Soul, and the following passage:

"If you are able to do this-to actually live "in the Kingdom" on a regular basis-then you know what will happen? Not only will you be happy, but the very deepest longings of your heart will be satisfied...

None of this is to say that by living your life this way you will be immune from suffering. You won't be. As long as you are on this planet, you're going to have your share of problems. What it does mean is that there won't be any problem in your life bigger than your spirit; there won't be any problem that will have the power to permanently disrupt the profound sense of joy and peace that you feel on a consistent basis-a peace that in the words of Scripture, "transcends all understanding."

Ultimately, this is why Christians are supposed to be joyful people. It's why they are supposed to follow the commandments and the law of love without grumbling and complaining. It's why they're supposed to reject sin. Not because of any fear of punishment. Not because they're being "forced" to carry some enormous burden or follow some rigid list of does and don'ts. It's because their hearts have been captured by the Kingdom. It's because they're actually in love with the King. That's what being a Christian really means. And when you have that mindset, all the so-called rules and regulations make perfect sense. In fact, the burden of having to follow them actually feels pretty light compared to the oppressively heavy load that nonbelievers have to shoulder all the time-the burden of loneliness and emptiness and eternal nothingness."

According to Mr. DeStefano, this is the main purpose of our souls, "to elevate us to the degree that we are able to share in the life of the Kingdom of God."

In my opinion, Anthony DeStefano has another success to add to his fine list of credits. The Invisible World is a book well worth reading, one that will firmly plant your heart in the unseen world where eternal glory awaits.

To learn more about Anthony DeStefano and to order your own copy of The Invisible World, please visit his website: Anthony DeStefano.com


  1. Thanks for the review, Anne. I am always looking for good spiritual reading; this one sounds like one that needs to go on my to read list.
    PS- I tagged you for the Why I love Jesus meme. See the latest post on my blog for details.
    Hope you continue to have a blessed Lent.

  2. Sounds like a great read. Thank you for passing it along.