Monday, April 18, 2011

Praise God

I'm feeling a bit grumpy and out of sorts today. Sometimes it is just more than I can do to try to"offer it up" day after day when supervisor and co-workers nit-pick about petty details making me feel like I'm going senile for all of the mistakes I make. When these grouchy sort of days come upon me, there is only one thing to do...PRAISE GOD!!!!!!

~for five new transitional deacons in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee
~for kind emails that lift my spirits and help me forget about the little struggles of life
~for Judy, my very understanding friend who forgives me for forgetting to attend her party in celebration of one year passing since her major spinal surgery (I really must be going senile to have forgotten to attend that!)
~for the chance to shake my thing with my daughter at a family Zumba class (read: a chance to make a fool of myself!) and hear the instructor praise her for how expertly she dances
~for His Passion and Palms and Holy Week
~for Sunday Mass at the gorgeous and breathtaking St. Joseph's Convent
~for melted snow and breaking sun
~for the blessed relief when a headache clears away
~for elliptical machines at the YMCA that have televisions attached so I can watch EWTN and be spiritually uplifted while I work out-it's a real treat for this girl who doesn't have cable and never gets to watch this fine programming!
~for spring cleaning and a freshly painted kitchen and staircase
~for the knowledge that I am loved

There! I feel much better!!!

Joining Ann Voskamp in gratitude for all of these things and so much more!


  1. Anne, since you are accustomed to being nitpicked today, I though would lop it on...I believe the proper slang phrase to be used in reference to a Zumba class is "shake my thaang" LOL!

    So cool that your YMCA has EWTN. I've never though to ask at ours.

    Be at peace, my beautiful friend. You are loved. :)

  2. You and me both, Anne! Feeling grumpy today, I mean :) The Zumba class with your daughter sounds fun though! Who cares about looking foolish if you're having fun!

    Mary (I forgot to log in)

  3. When folks nitpick at you, it's supposed to help if you picture them in their underwear. But in my case, that could be darn well frightening!

  4. Great list! God bless and have a blessed Holy Week and Easter!