Sunday, April 3, 2011

River of Grace-A Guest Post

My sweet friend Susi Kurek has been blessed with a gift for words. Here she shares her experience of finding the grace of God while directing traffic at St. Francis de Sales Seminary's Open House. Susi is an Administrative Assistant in the Seminary's Vocation Office where she lovingly shares her many gifts with everyone she meets...

It was a damp, windy, overcast afternoon, but I was asked to direct traffic at St. Francis de Sales Seminary's Open House. Having been forewarned of my task that day, I was dressed in layers and prepared for standing out on the familiar and picturesque front drive. Armed with my cup of hot coffee, I was ready to welcome a parade of visitors. The thunder, lightning and hail were surprises none of us expected!

As I stood watching the icy pellets collect on the driveway, I rebuked God for sending such unsavory weather on the day of Open House. We need people to come to the seminary, to see the inspiring surroundings where our future priests are trained. Why did God need to show his awesome might on this particular day by pelting our patrons?

My anger was quickly replaced by contrition and I apologized to God for being sassy. The hailstorm subsided as quickly as my annoyance had. I noticed a rivulet of melted hailstones begin its journey down the sloping drive. I marveled at the flowing beauty caused by the early spring hailstorm. A small floe of hailstones drifted down the driveway and obstructed the flow of my stunning little stream. I walked over to the side of the driveway, inspecting the congestion. I was contemplating breaking up the ice dam, when I noticed that some of the water was trickling below the ice, while the rest was pooling on the pavement behind the ice. After a few minutes, the water had carved a completely new path around the ice dam! I watched the stream detour and rejoin the original path below the blockage. The lower flow seemed even more robust than before the impasse occurred!

It occurred to me that God’s grace was just like the rivulet. God’s grace is always flowing toward us and is life-giving, just like the water. When we sin, we build a dam and cause an obstruction to God’s grace. Some grace trickles past the dam, some of the grace builds up in a pool in front of the dam we’ve built, but the flow never stops. God relentlessly pursues us with his endless flow of love and grace. He finds a way around the barriers we build by succumbing to sin. He grooves out a new path in our hearts and souls for his precious love and his sustaining grace. We have a choice to accept God’s love and grace or build another obstacle.

I admonished God for his choice of weather and he responded with this gentle lesson. Who knew it would be a miracle during a hailstorm that would reveal the devoted nature of God’s love and grace?

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