Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Core-A Prayer for the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Every morning when I wake, a feeling soon begins to overtake me. Ringing in my ears resounds through my brain; it finally surrounds me. There is fire, there is life, there is passion, fever and fury. There is love and there is hate, there is longing, anger and worry.

Oh, I have a flame; feel it touch my heart. And down at my core is the hottest part. I can run without fear.

~Eric Clapton, The Core

I know a former priest who didn't care for Christian music very much, but he told me that all music can be prayer, even secular music. He said that love songs can be looked at as words between God and all of His children. My husband Paul and I used to have so much fun with that thought. When we'd go on long family drives across the state for camping vacations we'd play a game called "is it a prayer or not?" for every song we'd hear on the radio. Some songs were easily prayers, others were about as far from prayer as you could get.

Recently my children and I spent some time at the public library and as I was browsing through the CD's I found a greatest hits CD from Eric Clapton. Although The Core was not on that CD, it has always been my favorite Clapton song, (it was a thrill to hear him perform it live back in the day at Milwaukee's Summerfest) and today as I looked at the lyrics, I see that this song is a very apt prayer for the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and it perfectly describes the practice of devoting one's day to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the intentions of Pope Benedict a'la the Apostleship of Prayer. (This month the Pope's intentions are for all priests and for missionary vocations.)

My dearest friend Danette has given me a large and beautiful picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and I've put it in my bedroom at the foot of my bed so that when I wake in the morning, my beautiful Jesus is the first thing I see. His image always prompts me to pray the "Morning Offering" and in this prayer I am giving Jesus all of my fire, life, passion, fever and fury. I give Him my love, hate, longing, anger and worry. (Quite a bit of that worry part, to tell the truth!) And I do have a flame, it's the fire that burns in the Sacred Heart of Jesus to which I can turn at any time I am in need of His warm love, and with it I can easily run without fear.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in you!

(Wish I had an embed code, but enjoy the live version with some great Clapton pics at this link.)


  1. Wow! I didn't know Clapton wrote that! It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great game to play with your kids while driving!!!! It beats what we use to play "I am going to grandma's"

    Good song and good video!

  3. Those lyrics are really beautiful. Before I realized Eric Clapton had written them, I thought it was a prayer, perhaps written by some mystic! Thanks.

  4. Anne-looking forward to having the same flame and giving it all up as you do. Thank you for the words you write. God has blessed you with a gift.