Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mary's Birthday

I can't believe it-my baby is ten! How swiftly fly the years!

and she gazes in the distance
His glorious face to see
she lives her life on the solid Rock
her love for Him strengthens me

I love my precious daughter
the joy of all my days
she fills my life with sunshine
from her sweet and tender ways

born on a day of remembrance
my own dear mother's day of birth
my beloved daughter Mary
fills my days with mirth

for ten years God has blessed me
with her kind and endless love
my daughter is an angel
a gift from far above

she wraps her arms around me
her kisses are so dear
sweet God I thank you for Mary
forever hold her near


  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful angel, Anne! Your poem is a wonderful reminder to us of the precious gift of our children. Time does fly by doesn't it? My own daughter is going to be 8 next month and it feels like it was just yesterday when I was cradling her in my arms.

  2. Happy Birthday to Mary and may God bless her and keep her close always. What a gift that your only daughter was born on your mother's birthday!

  3. Anne how can this be? All of our children have grown so quickly! What a blessing from our Heavenly Father that we ( WHO?US?!) have been able to watch each other's as well as our own! Thank you for the blessing of your friendship and for being such a wonderful holy family to know!

  4. What an awesome tribute to your daughter Mary!!! Congratulations to you and Happy Birthday to her!I love the photo and the line "she lives her solid rock, and her love for Him strengthens me"....truly inspirational!

    My youngest daughter Juleen was born on my mother's birthday. They always celebrate together,Julsy(nickname) is now going on 30 and married! Plus, my mother got my 3rd child, Jeanine, named after her! A double blessing for sure!

    PS...You know how I love your poetry!!!!It is always my favorite!

  5. What a beautiful gift to your daughter! Years from now, this poem will mean so much to her ... in fact, it probably already touches her to know that her mother writes about her with such love. Happy birthday to your baby!

  6. Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl:) May she be showered with many blessings, always safe beneath Our Lady's mantle.