Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sacred Heart of Jesus Prayer Group

For the past ten years, a wonderful group of people have been gathering on the First Friday of the month to meet, have an opportunity for confession, and to pray the rosary and Mass at the home chapel of Ken and Jan L. My daughter and I had the great honor of attending their tenth anniversary Sacred Heart of Jesus prayer group last night which was attended by forty people. Many of the guests spoke about their own prayer groups and the Masses that are held in their own home chapels. It is so very special to pray the Mass in an intimate home setting with a small group of people. My daughter chose to sit right in the front of the altar and later thanked me for bringing her with me as she said it was so special to be right in front of Jesus at the moment of consecration.

Ken spoke about how the very first prayer group was attended by only five people, but during the course of the years, they have been host to over 200 people in their lovely home. (Not all at once!) When they first began, they placed a phone call to Fr. Cortana asking him to consider joining them each month to hear confessions and say Mass. At first, Fr. Cortana declined, thinking this was something that he could not commit to. But within ten minutes of ending the phone call, he called Jan back and said that he had prayed about it and decided that this was something to which he could not say no. He has been saying every first Friday Mass in their home for the past ten years without missing a single one!

What a beautiful testimony this is to the power of prayer and the glory of honoring the Lord's wishes for our lives! Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in you!


  1. Anne, what a blessing and consolation to you to have a daughter so in love with Jesus. I remember when I would lector and was sitting fairly close to the altar that it was, can't find the words, but similar to the mass in the home, more intimate to be so close at the time of the consecration.