Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Seven Bridges Trail

"Enter this wild wood and view the haunts of nature."

We cross the bridge
and enter into the cool
of the lush green woods

enveloped by
silence and beauty
and peace

the path ends
at a washed out bridge
and we backtrack around the creek
to find another way
to the lake
roaring and majestic

the icy waves crash to shore
and lap at my feet
splashing ever closer
trying to capture me

they are like grief
overtaking my heart
drowning my joy

and before I lose myself
too deeply
in that dark thought
I hear my children cry

"storm clouds are coming
please let's go"
and I reluctantly follow

leaving the search
for my treasured sea glass
and the thoughts
of my aching heart

I re-enter the wood
and leave my grief
to yesterday
knowing that His walk
with me will always

lead me to beauty
and love
if only I trust
in His lead

"May the God given peace of this leafy solitude rest upon and abide with thee."

1 comment:

  1. I look at this bridge, I see the beauty that surrounds it and I wish I was there!

    Just beautiful and your written words give such peace. Thank you