Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Eve of Ordination

We were blessed to get this quick snapshot of my family and I with Bishop Donald Hying at the reception following his Vesper Service on the eve of his ordination. The lines to greet him were loooong and the weather was steamy hot and everybody who was there wanted a picture with him. What a kind soul he is to put up with all of that!

My favorite line from the evening: Mary wanted to sit in the front but I told her that those pews were reserved for his family and best friends. She said, "But Mom, I thought you were his best friend!" And the fact is, he treats people with so much love, kindness and genuine interest that everyone who knows him actually feels as if they are his one and only best friend.

Please pray for this good and holy man that God will shower his episcopacy as Auxiliary Bishop in Milwaukee with many blessings!!! (In fact, maybe you want to mosey on over to the sidebar and click on the Rosary for the Bishop button and sign up to pray a weekly rosary for him and any other bishop you may know!)


  1. Praying Anne! This is a beautiful photo of all of you.

  2. My prayers Anne. Your family is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us.

    God bless