Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fullness of Heart

"From the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks." Luke 6:45

How can I remain silent when God has placed one blessing after another within my life? My heart overflows and will surely burst if I'm not able to release all that wells up within me! When I consider how abundantly God has blessed my life through my husband, Paul, a beautiful man, who silently and diligently works with little rest to care for me and for our children, I am overcome with love. He is a constant and steady force for good; a precious gift from God for which I am so unworthy but forever grateful.

I can often be found releasing the fullness of my heart here on this keyboard; typing out my gratitude in word upon word. It's a pretty selfish activity that doesn't bear much fruit for my family, but acts to satisfy my own need to expel some of that fullness from my heart leaving me with room for more and more love and hopefully, please God, to put some of that fullness into the hearts of those who read my words.

But for Paul, he speaks the fullness of his heart in loving action that bears immediate fruit within our family. He does so by supporting my decisions, disciplining and playing with our children, fixing our old worn down house, cooking dinner for the family, and gently holding me in a warm embrace. He attends the pro-life committee with me, even though he'd rather stay home and catch up on the cooking shows he so enjoys. He enforces the rules with our children about proper dress for Mass, which means long pants and dress shoes even when he would rather wear shorts and sandals himself. He engages in a late night basketball game with our sons even though he is dead tired and would rather put his feet up and rest. He patiently listens to our daughter read even though he'd rather listen to the Milwaukee Brewer game on the radio. Recently diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension he faithfully takes his medication, counts calories and plans exercise into each day knowing that his family is counting on him to be in good health. He is joyful, always bringing humor into every situation, making our home resound with laughter. He always puts his own needs and wants aside for the sake of his family. And in the evening, he bows his head and prays, thanking God for the bounty He has blessed us with and asking His favor upon His servant priests. His heart is clearly full and overflowing and he releases the fullness of his heart with every action of his life.

Paul is a quiet man who says few words but instead, he speaks with his loving actions and is the perfect husband and the perfect father following the will of God for his life. My heart is full with love for the man who cares for God and his family with all that is within him. And my full heart will speak of my love for him in grateful praise to God for all of my days.

Paul and I-two full hearts-expressing that fullness in different ways but both desiring to glorify God for placing that fullness within us.


  1. What a beautiful outpouring of your heart! You are both clearly blessed, and very lucky to have each other!

    God Bless!

  2. I hope your husband reads these beautiful words you have written about him, Anne :) May God bless you both!

  3. oh this is is a beautiful post of gratitude and love for your dear husband. I find many similarities in my own house...especially how we both desire to bring about the glory of God but do it in very different ways. God knew exactly what He was doing when he unified your complimentary gifts:)

  4. What a gift that you realize your blessing in your husband. Your words do bring fullness to my heart and greater appreciation for the gift of my husband! I am not ready to call him perfect yet though!