Friday, July 29, 2011


"So you say you've tried but you just can't find the pleasure,
people around you givin' you pressure
Try to resist all the hurt that's all around you
If you taste it, it will haunt you

So come take me by the hand
We'll leave this troubled land
I know we can...getaway"

~Earth, Wind and Fire

My husband and I found a little bit of pleasure this past week when we attended his company's annual conference (Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance) right here in Milwaukee, which always includes a private concert for the employees. This year the concert was by Earth, Wind and Fire, so to get in the spirit of a fun night out, I've been listening to a lot of their music lately and I found the above lyrics from "Getaway" to be particularly poignant.

In my life, I find that I am frequently dissatisfied with my spiritual growth and am easily tormented by pangs of pride, greed and jealousy. How I long to cast aside all of that ugliness that clings to my soul, to escape from the sins that relentlessly wear me down and to freely relish the unconditional love of God that is mine to enjoy if only I would stop fighting Him and would just surrender to all that He means for me to enjoy. I need a getaway of my own from all that suffocates and holds me back from the good pleasure of the Lord. And I found it...

My personal escape hatch, my getaway from stress, worry and sin, can be found in a strand of beads complete with a silver crucifix on the end. When I hold a rosary in my hand, slipping the beads through my fingers while whispering the words of prayer and contemplating the life of the Lord, I am taken away from the darkness of this world and enter into a loving relationship with my mother who holds my hand through the beads, and she promises me that she will always love me, will be right beside me whenever I call on her in prayer, and will gently guide me to her precious Son's heart by sharing the story of His life with me.

In carefully listening to the words that sound through a song in my radio, I hear the voice of the Mother of God who assures me that I really can getaway from this troubled land, this valley of tears, and enter into eternal joy where she will hold my hand forever in the presence of the Trinity.


  1. Once again, Beautiful! I am going to pray the rosary right now!

  2. I too find peace in the rosary. Beautiful thoughts.

  3. Beautiful post. I need a getaway from time to time. The rosary is a perfect "place."